Thursdays to Become Weekly Highlights in Stinger’s

By Zach Krauss

Student Life Programs has begun a new weekly event on campus called Thursday Night Live in addition to Coffee and Community and the SGA prayer meetings. Thursday Night Live, stylized TNL, is an event catered to the student body that will include many different kinds of entertainment and interactions for students.

The town hall meeting with Dr. White was one of the first Thursday Night Lives, and it involved students meeting together in Stingers in order to ask the school’s president and his wife about various questions they might have. Questions were specifically related to the ten-year plan which is in the process of being drafted.

This week on the 9th, Thursday Night Live included an “Interruption,” which is similar to the Interruptions which campus was invited to last year. It involved music from bands and music groups made of Cedarville students. “River Soul Revival,” which consists of brother pair Brett and Shawn Sumrall, and “Doctors without Borders”, which includes Mitch and Sam Anderson, Andrew Hile, and Gigi Gearhart, both performed musical selections during the first Interruption of the year. Their performances began at 9:00 P.M. Typically, Thursday Night Live will begin at seven and end at nine.

Thursday Night Live is meant to give the students of Cedarville a chance to relax and find entertainment of all kinds. Dan MacDougall, Assistant of Student Life Programs, said that Thursday Night Lives are a way that SLP is attempting to use the new space that is Stingers. Over the summer during renovations, thought went into ways that the student body could have events that always brought them to Stingers, and TNL was born.

Alex Paat, the 2017-18 SGA president, said that TNL is meant to compliment Coffee and Community. He said that while it isn’t the same community building that Coffee and Community is, the idea is the same.

“Thursday Night Live will be an event that students can come to with their friends to just relax and experience things together with other people,” Paat said.

Interruptions and art night will allow students to experience the arts, while nights like org nights will allow the campus to see what the rest of Cedarville is passionate about. Coffee from Rinnova is twenty-five percent off during Thursday Night live, similar to the forty percent discount present on Tuesday nights for Coffee and Community.

The Student Center Activities Board, or SCAB, is the group on campus that is in charge of events such as Alt Nights, Campus Christmas, etc. They are also in charge of planning and executing TNL. SCAB is still in the process of forming exactly what Thursday Night Live will look like in the weeks to come, but they know that they want to uplift the student body through it while utilizing the new space in Stingers.

Zach Krauss is a junior pharmacy/music double major from central Texas and campus reporter for Cedars. He loves music, theatre, biology, community, and meeting new people.

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