Dating on Cedarville’s Campus

Survey says, go elsewhere

By Rebekah Erway and Rachel Downs

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a “date” as “an appointment or engagement at a particular time; esp. a social activity or meeting with a person in whom one has a romantic interest.” In their terms, then, a date could be any sort of activity that a person purposefully schedules with the someone that person has a crush on. Cedarville University students, however, have a different definition. For them, the dating location is just as significant in classifying a date as the act of a planned get together.

[Graphic by Tasha Peterson]

Of the 642 students who took the Cedars dating poll, only 15 percent said they’d prefer to go on a date on campus. Of the others, over 30 students said that dating on campus is entirely out of the question.

“Cedarville doesn’t have ‘date spots’ unless you want to be extremely awkward or break rules,” a sophomore female said. Survey responses to the question “where on campus would you go on a date?” included comments such as “Off Campus,” “Never on campus,” “What” and “Canada or possibly Xenia.”

“None of these [survey options] counts as a date,” another sophomore female said. One senior female, while declining to call routine campus activities dates, admitted that there could be some acceptable dates on campus.

“If you feel like you have to stay on campus, at least go to an activity like ALT night or ice skating,” she said. “But Chuck’s, I repeat, Chuck’s with someone of the opposite sex is not a date. Come on Cedarville, let’s get a little classier.”

Of those who did admit that campus would be an acceptable place to date, over a dozen liked a walk or a walk around the lake as a date. This feedback further solidifies the Cedarville culture’s thrice-around-the-lake theory, defined as follows: “any male-female duo seen walking three times around Cedar Lake must be dating.”

Others who mentioned on-campus date spots recommended going to a Cedarville event like a concert or a play.

Rinnova was the resounding winner for on-campus date spots with a total of 334 votes, but other students were willing to settle for benches, lounges in academic buildings (or, as one student responded, “Apple mah dude”), dorms or the BTS, or just somewhere quiet and secluded.

“Anywhere to get away from others,” a junior male said.

Whether by the lake or in an academic building, some Cedarville students are more than willing to accept the Oxford definition of date being simply a planned activity. But even the students who are willing to accept that definition lean towards an off-campus date spot.

Taking that information into account, Cedars has developed seven off-campus date spot suggestions to help up the game for date location-hunting.

The Book Loft of German Village

As one of the largest independent bookstores in the nation, The Book Loft has 32 rooms of shelves that are overflowing with books of all genres: classics, non-fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and more. If you’re not interested in a sit-down kind of dating experience, you and your date could easily spend hours exploring all the nooks and crannies of this building. Plus, you can pick up some bargain books that will make great conversation pieces for future dates.

Thai Nine

If you decide to take your date to a formal dinner, try Dayton’s Thai Nine. Menu options range from your typical Pad Thai entrée, to diverse sushi rolls, and duck curry. The restaurant provides an intimate table setting surrounded by traditional Thai decorations. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about Thailand customs while treating your date to an exquisite dinner.

Guerra’s Krazy Taco

This small restaurant has been rated as one of the best taco places in the Springfield area. Guerra’s Krazy Taco is a couple steps up from your typical Taco Bell. It has numerous specialty tacos ranging from simple beef and cheese to teriyaki chicken, pineapple and cucumber. The exterior of the restaurant is rustic and authentic Springfield, but the inside is rarely crowded and has conversation-starter-worthy decorations.

Bada Bing! Pizzeria

If your date prefers pizza to tacos, Bada Bing! Pizzeria in Springfield is a great option. The pizzeria offers artisan gourmet pizza at affordable prices, with topping combinations ranging from classic Hawaiian to big Philly style, Popeye, Angry Birds and Mona Lisa.

Ghostlight Coffee

Located in the historic South Park district in Dayton, Ghostlight Coffee serves numerous coffee beverages, teas, hot chocolate, and pastries. The interior of the coffee shop has exposed brick and comfortable lighting, giving it an old, warm house kind of feel. Plus, the coffee is always ethically sourced.

Columbus Coffee Trail

Why settle for just one coffee shop when you can visit several throughout Columbus through the Columbus Coffee Trail? The trail experience allows you and your date to visit a variety of coffee shops in Columbus and earn a T-shirt. You need to order from five of the 23 participating coffee shops in the area to complete the tour. The list of coffee shops is available at Ask for a Coffee Tour card at the first shop you visit and be sure to get it stamped at each of the other stops. After filling out your card, visit the Convention Center to receive the graphic T-shirt commemorating your caffeinated journey.

Kettering Ice Arena

Maybe you and your date want to participate in a winter activity instead of the cliché coffee date. Try getting out on the ice at The Kettering Ice Arena in Dayton. The arena offers skate rentals, lockers, and a concession area. Plus, if you think a group date would be more comfortable if it’s a first date, or you want your date to meet your friends, the arena offers a group discount if your group is more than eight people.

Cedarville University couples aren’t limited to dating on- campus or at a pseudo- on-campus location like Beans and Cream or Telemetry. This Valentine’s season, take the initiative to suggest someplace new.

Rebekah Erway is a senior Christian education major and campus editor for Cedars. She enjoys odd numbers, Oxford commas, and speaking in a British accent.

Rachel Downs is a freshman English major and  freelance writer for Cedars. She enjoys reading, going on adventures with friends, and listening to music from all genres.


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