Things To Do Before Graduation

by Paolo Carrion

College won’t last forever. Even if the tests and lectures sometimes feel like a never-ending struggle, there will be a day when you look back on your time at The ’Ville and say “Wow, that was shorter than I expected. I wish I did more than watch Hulu in my dorm for four years straight.”

So here’s a list of things you should do while you’re here.

I’m not going to list the obvious things: running into the cornfields screaming in anguish because your theme analysis essay didn’t get an A, or wearing mismatching socks to chapel just once, to showcase what a quirky individual you are. However, here are some things you definitely should do before you graduate:

Visit Yellow Springs

Just a short drive away is a unique, sometimes quirky town known as Yellow Springs. Here, you can find small and locally-owned bookstores, movie theaters, and coffee shops. Stop by Dark Star Books & Comics for a wide selection of new and used books.

Visit Young’s Dairy

Do you like ice cream? (The correct answer is yes.) Even if you don’t enjoy the most delicious treat on Earth, Young’s Jersey Dairy, which can be found just outside Yellow Springs, offers mini-golf, batting cages, and corn mazes and hayrides in the fall. You can also visit and pet animals at Young’s farm.

See a Play at DeVries Theatre

From comedies like “Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville” to more serious pieces such as “The Diary of Anne Frank,” the DeVries Theatre, found in the Stevens Student Center, provides passionate and powerful productions and plays. Stay alert for when tickets go on sale, because seats are limited.

If (and when) you find you enjoy those plays, also keep an eye out for senior theatre projects (STP). Senior theatre students work hard to prepare a smaller-scale play to challenge themselves and showcase their skills. Cedars will preview each STP so you know when and where to watch them.

Go to an Ayo Dance Show and/or an Inversions Concert

Cedarville is home to many talented students, and it would be a shame if you never saw them showcase their God-given talents. Both The Inversions, Cedarville’s a capella group, and the AYO Dance Company host several shows a year, and each one is a treat to witness.

Keep an eye out for posters in the Stevens Student Center (SSC) and the Biblical and Theological Studies building (BTS) that will advertise show dates and prices.

Watch a Foreign Film

Who doesn’t enjoy watching a good movie? Cinema strongly reflects culture; watching a film that was made overseas can be a great way to expand your horizons, spend time with friends, and learn something new. (And hey, it’s kind of like watching Hulu in your dorm, but healthier for your mind, probably.)

Check your email for when a foreign film will be featured. The Foreign Film Series usually plays three movies a semester. A $2 donation is typically requested at the door.

We only have around 1,000 days on this beautiful campus; don’t let them go to waste.

Paolo Carrion is a junior journalism major and the Art and Entertainment section editor for Cedars. He is learning how to cook, and his roommate is very proud of the sriracha-glazed chicken he made for dinner that one time.

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