New Student Talent Show and Freshman Class Council Members Revealed

By Kristen Farley

On Saturday night, the New Student Talent Show revealed some dazzling talents from the freshmen class of 2018, as well as the results of the election for the freshman class council.

It was a light-hearted evening, as hosts Jake Johnson and Zach Reeder kept the audience in Stinger’s laughing with an abundance of humor. They pulled no punches as they brought out Scottish accents, pick-up-lines, and “Ring by Spring” references.

As if a free glow stick at the door was not enough motivation to come, the talented freshmen class rewarded spectators with a night of wonderful performances.

There was a wide variety of acts this year, as well as a display of uncommon skills.

If you ever need help filling in a coloring book or making small amounts of money appear, magician Mark Everhart is more than qualified to do both. Yo-yo master Connor Seals kept the audience on the edges of their seats with his high-energy, gravity-defying tricks.

There was also a wide range of musical talents on display with Hannah Deel brought a piece of Scotland to Ohio with her bagpipe medley of “Amazing Grace”, Carson Papp sang rendition of “Evermore” by Josh Groban, Abigail Jenks delivered a bundle of Broadway, opera, and scat, and rap artist Brandon Baughey concluded the performances with an original song.

Those who participated in the talent show did not represent the freshmen class alone. The results from the freshman class council election were also revealed.

The new freshman council members are: Mariah Woodall as Women’s Ministry Leader, Justin Schlabach as Class Chaplain, Abigail Burr as Vice President, and Rufus Mathew as Class President.

All the council members, except the absent Rufus Mathew, expressed their gratitude and excitement for the coming year of serving the Freshmen class.

There were no sore feelings evident in the student body over the results, Andrew Bitner said.

“I personally knew candidates for chaplain and for president, and I would have been very happy for any one of those couples that I knew to win it.” said Bitner. “I hope that the people who lost would go on to do great things at Cedarville because they’re all super great.”

Junior Class Chaplain Campbell Bordell expressed anticipation for future interactions with the new council members.

“Just from watching them,” Bordell said, “watching how people have just bought into the new class identity thing we’ve started up this year, they’ve talked about it in their speeches, they’ve talked about it in their campaign; I think it’s a really good squad. I’m really excited.”

Kristen Farley is a junior early education major and an Arts and Entertainment writer for Cedars. She enjoys accents, books, coffee, and life in general.

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