Rubber Ducks Race to Fund Festival

This Saturday, Cedarville University students will have the opportunity to take part in a brand new event held by the town. On Oct. 13, Cedarville will host its first ever Ducky Race as a fundraiser for next year’s annual Cedarfest.

The event will take place from 12 p.m.-1 p.m. and will consist of a brief contest as sponsored ducks compete to cross a designated portion of Massie Creek. Spectators and sponsors are encouraged to come out to witness the race from the banks near the dog park and the bridge near the Cedarville fire department.

Emily Kaster, event organizer and wife of Cedarville alumni Joshua Kaster, hopes the race can raise the necessary funds for the town to host the fireworks show at its annual Labor Day festival. The display typically costs the town around $5,000, something the board may not be willing to budget this coming year. However, Emily intends to preserve the important tradition.

“There’s really no point in doing Cedarfest if there’s no fireworks, because that’s what everyone loves the most,” said Kaster.

In preparation for serving as the chairmen of next year’s Cedarfest, Emily and Joshua were brainstorming possible fundraisers when Joshua brought up the possibility of doing a duck race.

“It was really my husband’s idea, but I’m taking all the credit,” Kaster joked.

The idea was inspired by popular fundraisers and charities in other cities, such as Cincinnati’s traditional Rubber Duck Regatta. Kaster hopes the event could gain popularity and earn its place as another Cedarville tradition. She aims to eventually add it to the list of activities offered at the yearly Cedarfest.

For Kaster and her husband, the fundraiser represents more than just an opportunity for fun and fundraising. Instead, they see it as an occasion for the town and the university of Cedarville to come together.

“It’s really hard to actually get the university and the town involved with things, because they each have their own bubbles,” Kaster said. “We would really love to get students involved with the town and see that there really are needs, but it’s so hard to actually see unless you’re involved with some of the events.”

Kaster encourages the students of Cedarville to invest in the town by sponsoring a duck and engaging with the community at the race. Those interested in sponsoring one or more ducks can do so online here. Others wishing to sponsor using cash can either visit the event’s booth at the high school football game this Friday from 6-7pm or come to the event early. It costs $2 to sponsor one duck, $15 to sponsor 10 ducks, and $25 to sponsor 25 ducks. The sponsor of the winning duck will receive a $25 prize.

Those curious about the fundraiser or any other upcoming Cedarfest sponsored events can follow the Village of Cedarville on Facebook for more updates and announcements.

Jacob Oedy is a freshman journalism major and a staff writer for off-campus news and arts and entertainment. He enjoys creative writing, investigating, and hanging out with the best hall on campus, Brock 3 East.


Featured Image: Pictured is Massie Creek, the place where the duck race will take place.

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