SCAB and SGA Join Forces to Put on ALT 2 and King of the Ville This Friday Night

By Lauren McGuire

This Friday, October 26th, Cedarville will put on their second Alt night of the year. Alt 2 will be different than any of the Alt nights before, because for this Alt night, SCAB is teaming up with the opening ceremonies for SGA’s new “King of the Ville” event.

Both SGA, Student Government Association, and SCAB, the student center activities board, worked together to combine an old and a new event.

The Alt night was planned around the movie “A Quiet Place” which will be shown twice during the night, once at 7:30pm and once at 11pm in both the Derives Theater and the event rooms. “A Quiet Place” was approved after going through an extensive review process. Kimmy Powell, student director of SCAB, said she is excited that a thriller movie was approved to be featured at an Alt Night. Not only will there be two showings of the movie, but there will also be food trucks along with pumpkin carving and decorating to get students into the fall spirit. The pumpkin carving will be available all evening outside of the upper SSC. There will also be board games featured in Stingers again because of their popularity at the first Alt Night. This feature creates a Friday night game night feel that allows students to have a relaxing time of playing games after a hard week of classes.

SGA will be holding the opening ceremonies for the King of the Ville event from 9:30-10:45. King of the Ville is a two-day event that is replacing  the week-long org wars event from years past. The opening ceremonies for King of the Ville will include a lip sync battle between different organization groups and residential life teams.

Students who attend the 7:30 showing of “A Quiet Place” will finish the movie just in time  to go over to Chuck’s to watch this event.

Students are invited to come out and experience all the events that have been planned for this Friday night. Even if students aren’t participating in King of the Ville, they can still watch the competition in Chucks and there will be food inside for students to eat as well.

Lauren McGuire is a sophomore professional writing and information design major and writer for Cedars. She loves birthday cake ice cream, watching The Office and late night runs.

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