ALT Night 4 Brings Wreck it Ralph to Lil Sibs

by Jacob Oedy

Last Friday, Cedarville students experienced the fourth ALT Night of the 2018–2019 year, held in the Stevens Student Center (SSC). ALT 4 included food, games, and activities, as well as 3 showings of the night’s movie: “Wreck it Ralph 2.”

This ALT Night coincided with this year’s Lil Sibs weekend and offered amusement for children of various ages. Entire families played LED mini-golf, Wii, and board games together during the night.

“It was a really fun night,” said freshman Kasey Pot.

Pot, who attended the event with her two younger sisters, appreciated the opportunity to experience the Cedarville community with her family.

“I loved spending time with my little siblings and my friends,” she said.

Other students came to the event simply to take a break from schoolwork.

“It’s a place to take a breather and experience something different and fun,” said sophomore Mark Handel. “There’s a good amount of diversity with what’s offered and the things that they bring are always fun and exciting.”

ALT 4 also offered a variety of food options. Food trucks from Young’s Dairy Farm, Cupzilla, Pitabilities, the Flying Pepper, and Christian Bros. Meat Company parked beside the SSC and provided students with a spectrum of dinner options. Moviegoers were also able to support student missions trips by purchasing snacks at the concessions stand.

ALT nights, short for “Alternate Nights” are organized and hosted by the Student Center Activity Board (SCAB).

“The goal of each ALT night is to provide an opportunity for students to hang back on campus and build community with their friends,” said SCAB member and Cedarville student Gwendolyn Peterson. “We want to assist students in creating memories in a way that is convenient and free.”

According to Peterson, SCAB created ALT 4 with Lil Sibs weekend in mind.

“For this ALT, we tried to include more interactive games that would be fun with groups of people. We focused on having multiple things going on at the event so that there would be plenty for students to do with their siblings.”

The fifth and final ALT Night of the year will take place on Friday, March 15.

Jacob Oedy is a freshman journalism major and a staff writer for off-campus news and arts and entertainment. He enjoys creative writing, quoting TV shows, and hanging out with the best hall on campus, Brock 3 East.

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