Living As Prescribed

Cedarville student launches faith-inspired athletic wear company

by Bryson Durst

Senior year can often be a frantic time for graduating students, with finding a job, internship or graduate school among the top concerns. Cedarville marketing major and CrossFit trainer Ryan Husband, however, is pursuing an even more ambitious goal: building up his own “faith-based fitness apparel company,” LRX Apparel.

Ryan and others working for his year-old company hope not only to increase their brand’s presence in the exercise community, but also to use it to further the name of Jesus Christ in gyms and fitness centers throughout the country.

The name LRX is a play on an acronym that stands for “live as prescribed.” In Husband’s words, LRX’s primary goal is to inspire others “to live to the fullest purpose possible,” a life based around the gospel.

Husband founded the company in September 2017. He had previously played soccer for two years at the University of Findlay before transferring to Cedarville, was inspired by a sermon at church and a follow-up conversation with his pastor to find a way to use his God-given passion for fitness for Christ’s glory.

Since then, Husband and the LRX team have looked for ways to apply the gospel to the realm of exercise, with a current focus on exercise wear and fitness events at gyms across the country. Husband’s desire for the future is to see LRX develop “into more of a lifestyle-oriented brand.”

LRX sells a variety of clothing items including T-shirts (short sleeve, baseball, and long sleeve), hoodies, hats and tank tops. One of LRX’s product lines is its “American Collection” of shirts and hoodies. According to the LRX website, “10 percent of the purchase price” of items in this line will support veterans in the Team Red, White, and Blue program.

In 2019, LRX hopes to start selling sweatpants, as well as a line of T-shirts inspired by the testimonies of LRX supporters.

In addition to clothing, LRX has also participated in nearly 20 “faith workouts” in gyms around the nation, from nearby Columbus to distant Oklahoma. Husband is working to add more locations to this list in the near future.

The goal of these events, according to Husband, is “ministry outreach through fitness.” These sessions consist of Ryan’s testimony, a workout and a prayer at the end.

In other efforts to fulfill that goal, Husband hopes to expand his company’s LRX Training program in 2019. He said the purpose of the training program is to “develop Christian leaders in the gym to effectively share the gospel.”

In order to spread awareness of both LRX and its evangelistic purpose, Husband created an ambassador program, which he described as “a community of leaders in the fitness world.” Beyond promoting LRX as a company, the ambassador program is designed to help members grow in their faith and their ability to live their faith out in a fitness environment.

According to LRX ambassador Aaron Johnston, LRX ambassadors are encouraged to post content to Instagram and other social networks on monthly “Live Prescribed Days.” Ambassadors can earn discount codes and other rewards through these events. In addition, ambassadors can help get the word out by simply wearing LRX clothing in fitness environments.

Anyone interested in finding more information can head to In addition, the company has a Facebook page titled “LRX Apparel,” and Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts @lrxapparel.

Bryson Durst is a freshman Biblical Studies major. He enjoys theology, history, playing strategy games with friends, and anything “Star Wars” related.

Featured Image: Ryan Husband founded his faith-based fitness company, LRX Apparel, to inspire others to live a gospel-centered life.

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