Group of Friends Seek to Squash Each Other

by Keegan D’Alfonso

Among the sounds of other gym activities, there is a repetitive “boing” as two racquetball players face off against each other. The tournament has just begun, and the members of Super Squash Bros are playing elimination doubles to determine the victor. The prize, a golden racket.

Super Squash Bros, despite the name, which is a play on the popular video game “Super Smash Bros” is an unofficial group of racquetball players who hold tournaments every year. The tournament is organized by a high committee according to Ryan Spencer, a committee member.

“We started with a couple of guys that just had a lot of interest in racquetball; wanted to create a league kind of outside of intramurals,” Spencer said. “We created this whole goofy thing where we would have a golden racket at the end for the victor.”

Spencer also said the group was started mainly by international students. However, membership is not restricted to international students.

Emma Burgess, a group member, said the group has grown considerably with a diverse group of players.

“This year, I think about 19 players who play from probably a dozen to 15 countries throughout the world,” Burgess said.

Prior to Burgess joining, Super Squash Bros was an all guys group. That changed when Burgess joined.

“I played racquetball with a bunch of people who were in [Super Squash Bros] and they said ‘hey we’re doing a tournament, you want to be in it?’ and I said ‘yeah, can girls play?’ and they said no,” Burgess said. “And I was like OK, girls are going to have to play, and yeah, they let me play.”

Super Squash Bros held its fifth tournament this semester and started four years ago. Currently, according to group and committee members, they are not seeking to be an official Org on campus, and membership is based on invitation by current players only.

You can follow Super Squash Bros and their silly videos from there Facebook page.

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