Student Spotlight: Skyler Cash – Passionate About Music

By Zach Krauss

Skyler Cash is forging his own unique path to combine his passions. Cash was initially drawn to Cedarville for its engineering program, but he was hesitant to disengage from another important facet of his life: music.

Cash feared he would not be able to combine his love for music and hist talent for engineering in one degree program. Without a clear solution to this dilemma, Cash started at Cedarville and declared his intent for a degree in music education. He temporarily let his engineering mind take a back seat.

Through his time in the music department, Cash said he learned a lot about the way music can affect other people and encourage them in the Lord. 

“Even now, it’s still really important to me that music is a way of connecting to people and influencing them in a way that pushes them toward Christ and shows them a biblical worldview,” Cash said. “I like to think that little interactions and experiences can ultimately lead to someone’s discipleship and salvation, and I view music as a medium for those kinds of interactions.”

During his sophomore year, Cash began to feel uncertain as he realized that his music education major didn’t allow him to engage in the creative problem-solving that he craved. He began looking for another program that would let him think and create like an engineer, while expressing and communicating like a musician. Cash finally decided to pursue an individualized degree program with a focus in song-writing. This path would allow him to build a degree that would allow him to pursue his passions.

When Cash is not in class or studying, he spends time investing in extracurriculars. Cash has been involved with multiple ensembles in the Music and Worship Department, the TDK, and the Swim Club, which Cash helped start during his first year on campus.

Skyler Cash plays a variety of instruments that included the following: saxophone, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, piano, and bassoon. He is currently learning the synthesis. [Photos by Lauren Jacobs]

This year, Cash decided to spend a lot more of his time focused on songwriting and learning new techniques, but he is still extremely grateful for the many opportunities Cedarville offers for him to continue being involved regardless of what stage of his education he is in.

“My favorite thing has to undeniably be the community,” Cash said. “I’ve really enjoyed the dynamic here and the way it works out in students’ lives.”

Cash said that seeing the way students can grow as a result of chapel and Bible classes, as well as other believers who push each other toward Christ, is encouraging. Cash has been involved with his church in the local community by helping out with its music and praise team, and said he was blessed by the community he found there as well.

Landon Cina, a junior music major, said he admires Cash for his faith in God’s plan. Cash reminds Cina in both words and actions to live by faith and not by sight, and to put faith in God’s good will.

“He has wholeheartedly embraced an uncertain future in order to pursue the work he has been called to do,” Cina said.

Dr. Sandra Yang, associate professor of music history, has worked closely with Cash as he has drafted his plans for his degree plan so far and has seen Cash’s dreams come together in the form of his own personal plan for his education.

“Skyler has had big dreams for his future for as long as I have known him,” Yang said. “Because of Cedarville University’s [many] program options, Skyler is able to find his path and pursue his passions to serve God and others with his creative abilities.”

Zach Krauss is a senior pharmacy/music double major from central Texas and campus reporter for Cedars. He loves music, theatre, biology, community and meeting new people.

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