Just Sayin’ – Caffeine Away from CU

By Alex Hentschel

A few years ago I did a Just Sayin’ column on trying to cut my caffeine habit, but it clearly didn’t work. I love the atmosphere of a coffee shop for “studying” (let’s be real, who studies in a coffee shop?) or catching up with friends. If you’re a caffeine-loving person, Orion and Beans and Cream are great in a pinch ­— but there’s a world to offer within a 30-minute driving radius of Cedarville. (Especially if you’re going to take someone on a date and don’t want all of campus to know about it.) I’ve collected a list of alternatives that my friends and I love:

Reza’s Downtown 

… Is where I’m typing this column right now, drinking a Thai Iced Tea. It’s a gigantic, light, airy space in Dayton’s Oregon District, with a modern atmosphere, a large, unique menu and plenty of studying space. Don’t all come here at once though — this one’s my new favorite.

Ghostlight Coffee 

Ghostlight in Dayton’s Historic South Park is always crowded, which is why they’re opening a new location soon. Its cozy, eclectic atmosphere and delicious espresso make it a favorite, and the high ceilings and brick walls make an excellent atmosphere for a deep conversation.


The modern, minimalist menu at Press in the Oregon District makes it less of a destination for unique drinks and more for a calming, quiet environment to study. 

St. Anne the Tart

Sometimes you can judge a coffee place by its name, and the tarts and pastries at St. Anne are the biggest highlight. They are namely a bakery and café located in St. Anne’s Hill. Their 501(c)3 nonprofit arm, The Tart with Heart, does plenty of work giving back to Dayton.

Gem City Catfé 

If you’re missing your pets from home, this is the coffee shop for you. The coffee shop is separate from the cat lounge, which contains 18 adoptable rescue cats (whom if you live in a dorm, you can’t take home) in partnership with Gem City Kitties. They suggest reservations to actually visit the cats.

Winan’s Springfield 

In downtown Springfield, Winan’s offers a cozy loft with views over the historic town and a very large menu. If you’re not from the Midwest, this is a new chain to you and worth exploring.

Honorable mentions: 

Un Mundo, Coffee Hub Xenia, Courthouse Coffee, EPIC Coffee Shoppe, Glo Juice Bar, Third Perk, Tastefully Roasted, Warehouse 4, Simple Comforts (owned by our editor-in-chief’s parents).

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