Professor Profile: Gosser Teaches the Art of Balance

By Zach Krauss

Aaron Gosser, associate professor of art, is passionate about impacting his students and their creative outlook on the world. Gosser teaches art students of all years and has the opportunity to walk with his students through their educational development as artists.

“My position allows me to meet freshmen in early introductory courses, as well as grow with them through intermediate studio classes and even share with them capstone experience of senior exhibition,” Gosser said about his students. “They are a great group of people — enthusiastic and creative — with a passion for serving God and others through their abilities.”

Kari Nupson, senior art student, said that she loves the way Professor Gosser inspires her to continuously improve in everything she does.

“He pushes you to do better and work harder, but still maintains a calm and fun environment,” Nupson said. “He’s also a hardworking artist himself, so seeing his art while working on my own can be really inspiring.”

Gosser said that one of the challenges of working as a professor is the constant balancing act of the various aspects of teaching his students while seeking and creating his own art.

“The perennial challenge is finding balance between the various domains of teaching and making, balancing the pursuit of personal art alongside client design, making time for both creative disengagement and exploration and the grind of daily practical responsibilities,” Gosser said.

Tasha Orson, Cedarville alumna and previous student of Gosser, said that he is a memorable professor because he is great at engaging students through the content of a class and challenges them creatively.

“He’s basically a perfect blend of quirky artist and God-glorifying professor,” Orson said. “Gosser really cares about the success of each student and makes sure their ideas are heard and considered.”

Nupson also said that she admires the way Gosser conducts his classes and interacts with his students.

“Because of the environment of his classes, the student-professor relationship is also a friendship on some level,” Nupson said. “I never feel intimidated to bring questions forward, seek wisdom, or make the occasional joke because I know that whatever I say will be met with consideration and care.”

Nupson said that she is extremely glad to be able to learn and grow from Gosser’s guidance and teaching.

“He usually knows how to give great advice, and I hope that one day I’ll learn to do the same,” Nupson said. “He is the type of person who has earned respect — not simply because of his position or because he demands it, but because he deserves it.”

Zach Krauss is a senior Pharmacy/Music double major from central Texas and campus reporter for Cedars. He loves music, theatre, biology, community and meeting new people.

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