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CU Fridays and Mondays Give Students a Look Into Campus Life

By Lauren Ryan When she applied to Cedarville, Hailey Rogers didn’t know anything about the school. She said she applied because the Lord urged her to. After receiving her acceptance letter, she attended a CU Friday.  A student worker from Cedarville picked her up from the airport, and she said she was impressed by the kind service and genuine conversation. Rogers instantly felt at ease. She wanted to study Early Childhood Education, which happened to be the same major as the girl who ...

Just Sayin’ – Is Twitter the New Fireside Chat?

By Alex Hentschel How has the use of Twitter by the presidency affected our political landscape? I know, I know, history and politics is not as interesting as the other fun topics I’ve submitted this semester. But, having done a ton of research on this for my capstone, I found it super interesting – and a lot of people I talked to at least pretended to be interested when I mentioned it to them. Since this is my column, you just have to listen to what I have to say. Heh. Twitter has an ...

Rinnova Drink Popularity Poll

Before we had to leave campus, Cedars conducted a student survey about Rinnova preferences. We thought you'd still be interested even though it will be fall semester or a future homecoming before you can order your favorite coffee or tea again.