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Political Grace

How to be a Christian in an election season by Breanna Beers You can be a Republican and be a Christian. You can be a Democrat and be a Christian. Shocking, I know. It seems like every year it gets harder to accept that, especially given [insert whatever horrifying thing the other side did this week]. The latest outrage, however, is just a symptom of a deeper problem: the system itself is structured to incentivize and benefit from our polarized tribalism. The people in power want no ...

Village Stories: Bringing the Opera House back to life

Audio story by Sarah Bean Photos by Lydia Wolterman The Cedarville Opera house has a long and storied history. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic its stage is empty for now. And while it waits, the building is getting a new roof.

How Halloween is Celebrated Around the World

by Chris Karenbauer We know Halloween by eating candy while dressed up in silly costumes. Halloween is a mostly American holiday, but other countries around the world have their own fall holidays. Ireland Halloween in Ireland is a time to remember the dead. The Irish celebration is similar to the American celebration with children dressing up in costumes and eating candy. During the Middle Ages, Halloween was the eve of All Saints Day, which is the day to remember the saints. There ...