Colonial Pizza’s Has Been Placed On the Real Estate Menu

by Samuel J. Claude

Following 39 successful years, Sandy Acton, owner of Colonial Pizza, announced she is selling Cedarville’s beloved pizza joint. 

“It takes a younger person than me,” Acton said, “It takes a lot of hours and a lot of time. I can’t stand up as long as I used to.” 

Colonial Pizza has housed customers young and old, from Cedarville University and the village. So naturally, the idea of a change in regard to their favorite and only pizza place in town provoked mixed responses.

“I would be concerned that they maintain the quality,” Barb said. “Some of the stuff they make you can’t find anywhere else.”

Cedarville University senior Tanner Kunz says as long as the pizza doesn’t change too much he isn’t too concerned.

“If it was a chain that came in, that would be more of a concern,” Kunz said. “But as long as it’s somebody that has the right idea of the hometown pizza shop, I’m not concerned.”

Historically the restaurant wasn’t always where it is today. Before being bought by Acton and her late husband Ronnie in 1981, Colonial Pizza was located where the overflow room of Orion is now. It was under the ownership of Jim and Ann Anders.

The Actons moved the pizza shop twice. First, across the alley from what is now the Barber of the Ville and finally to where it stands today. The building which now houses Cedarville’s favorite pizza was previously a motorcycle shop, doctor’s office, a garden store and finally a home before being purchased by Sandy Acton.

Whether or not the hometown atmosphere of Colonial Pizza changes is purely in the hands of the buyer. 

“Once you buy it it’s yours to put your mark on, right?” Acton said. “Their main goal should be to survive. And then at some point they’re going to have to make it their own and not make it Sandy’s place. That would be my best advice.”

Acton is happy and thankful for all she has done over the past 39 years and says she is thankful to God for blessing her business.

“To God is the glory, because he has made this possible,” she said. “Who would’ve thought, in Cedarville? I wouldn’t have. His hand has been on it and he has touched it.”

Samuel J. Claude is a film and journalism major and reporter for Cedars. He loves watching/critiquing films, hanging out with family and friends, and a good slice of pizza.

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    Renee L Hayes September 25, 2021 (2:28 pm)

    Good. New owner might have change. Place an order drive 30 minutes to get it just to be told I can’t have my pizza because they don’t have change. What is the world coming to? Maybe it’s the virus. A good upset customer….

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