Lady Jackets Top Trevecca on the Road to Keep Streak Alive

by Evan Kakuk

As they maintain their level of dominance throughout this season, the Lady Jackets convincingly beat the Trevecca Trojans on a road exhibition Tuesday night, with a final score of 94-61, a 33-point victory. This was the official debut for the Trojans’ season, but Cedarville appeared more than ready for them, despite not having any film to review prior to the game. As a result, Cedarville’s winning streak has reached double digits at 1o wins, furthering their status at the top of the G-MAC conference.

Cedarville had a number of prolific performers in this convincing win, with five players scoring in the double digits. Sophomore Isabelle Bolender led the Jackets with 17 points. Following in the point totals are as follows: Senior Stevie Johnting with a season-high 14 points, junior Emily Chapman with 14 points, junior Lexi Moore with 11 points, and junior Allison Mader with 11 points. Chapman also led the team in assists with five and in rebounds with eight. 

Despite the dominant nature of the Jackets’ win, the Trojans actually kept the first quarter quite competitive. At one point, the Trojans remained tied with the Jackets at 5-5, and later in the quarter, the Trojans only trailed by one at 11-10. However, after about six minutes into the game, Cedarville began pulling away. The Jackets developed momentum by the end of the first quarter, leading by seven at 21-14. Even so, the Trojans kept the first quarter respectable for their first game of the season.

However, at the start of the second quarter, it was clear that the jackets were using their momentum that they had started during the end of the first quarter. Starting with a field goal by Senior Ashlyn Huffman, the Jackets went on a 13-2 run that lasted almost four minutes. The Trojans finally answered back with a 3-pointer by Faith Wilken, but by that point, the Jackets were nearly unstoppable. Cedarville ended the first half with about a 63 percent shooting rate, over 15 percent higher than their season average of 47.5 percent. They led 56-26 at the end of the half.

At the start of the second half, things looked much the same as they did in the second quarter. Bolender scored the first basket of the second half, draining a 3-pointer. From this point forward, the Jackets never let up, finishing the half with a 34-point lead over the trojans at 81-47.

While the Trojans’ Olivia Pepperman scored the first points of the fourth quarter, this proved ineffective in the process of trying to make a comeback versus the Jackets’ show of dominance. The Trojans actually did outscore the Jackets in the fourth quarter at 14 points to the Jackets’ 13. The Jackets’ shooting percentage had gone back down to 48 percent, but due to the margin of their lead, this made no difference in the end. The Jackets rode their dominance to a 33-point win at 94-61. 

Cedarville outscored Trevecca by almost 20 points from the bench at 32-13. They led Trevecca in assists at 19-7. Trevecca committed more turnovers than Cedarville at 14-10. However, Trevecca did edge out Cedarville in total rebounds at 46-44. Even so, Cedarville dominated in almost every other significant category. 

Seeing as how the Trojans kept up with the Jackets in the first quarter, there definitely is some credit to be given to Trevecca for how they played in their season debut. While the Trojans definitely have some talent, it’s unfortunate for them that their debut came against a Jackets team riding the momentum of nine straight wins. Cedarville will attempt to carry this momentum as they travel to Painesville, Ohio to take on the Storm on the road. 

Evan Kakuk is a sophomore Professional Writing and Information Design major. He enjoys running, weightlifting, and playing Wii with his friends.

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