The Broadcast Ends: Series Finale Leaves Fans with More Questions than Answers

by Sam Acosta

The end of the first Disney Plus Marvel series has finally arrived, with mixed emotions. Fans’ desires for big action sequences are finally satisfied, but at the cost of other aspects of the show, like the “Twilight Zone”-esque themes and mind-bending plot twists. This finale also gives us little closure. While I didn’t expect all the fan theories to be true, it doesn’t feel like we got any answers in their place. Rather, this episode simply leaves us wondering. 

Wanda and Agatha face off in a magical battle. After explaining that Wanda is the prophesied “Scarlet Witch” who can wield unimaginable power, Agatha reveals her true intentions: to steal Wanda’s magic, much like she did to her coven back in Salem. Wanda tries to fight back, only to find that with each magical attack Agatha absorbs some of her power. 

That’s not her only worry either, as the Vision reactivated by S.W.O.R.D. shows up to eliminate Wanda. Luckily, Wanda’s sitcom Vision comes to her aid, and both parties square off: Vision versus Vision, witch versus witch. By the power of rational discourse, Wanda’s Vision is able to convince S.W.O.R.D. Vision to not fight them and then helps him unlock all the memories of his past that have been kept from him.

As Agatha fights Wanda, she frees the minds of the inhabitants of Westview. They begin to plead for Wanda to release them or, if nothing else, let them die. Wanda, brokenhearted by their pleas, opens the walls of the Hex to let them out. This opening, however, allows Hayward and his soldiers to enter. Vision and the twins also start to disintegrate, and Wanda is eventually forced to close the Hex to keep them alive. Now it’s the super-powered family (plus Monica and Darcy, who comes to their aid) versus Agatha and S.W.O.R.D.

While the rest of the family takes on S.W.O.R.D, Wanda faces off with Agatha once more. It seems as though she’s going to lose, as Agatha either dodges or absorbs every attack Wanda throws at her. Right before she can finish Wanda off, however, Agatha’s magic suddenly dissipates. 

It seems that, during their battle, Wanda’s “misses” were deliberately casted runes that bar the use of all magic except her own, a trick Agatha used on her last episode. Reclaiming her power and completing her transformation into the Scarlet Witch, she bewitches Agatha back into her noisy neighbor role for good. Finally acknowledging her sitcom world is unsustainable, Wanda begins to recede the borders of the Hex.

Wanda and Vision return home to tuck in the twins and have some final moments together as a family. As the Hex starts to grow smaller around their house, Wanda and Vision realize that their time together has come to an end…at least for now. After a heartfelt farewell, the Hex disappears, and the fantasy world is no more. Wanda is, once again, alone. As the episode comes to an end, she leaves Westview to escape S.W.O.R.D. custody and discover more about her powers. 

This episode leaves us with a lot of questions. We know this story ties into the upcoming “Doctor Strange” sequel and that, somehow, the multiverse will be involved. The post-credits scene shows Wanda in a cottage out in the middle of nowhere, her physical self sitting out on the porch contemplatively while her astral form intently studies a book of sorcery. She hears Billy and Tommy’s voices echo from the void, and then the scene abruptly ends. 

Will Wanda cross the multiverse to try to find her children? What will she do if she succeeds? And will she become a villain in the future and threaten the world as we know it, as Agatha said she is destined to become? 

We also got a mid-credits scene of Monica being met by a Skrull, who tells her that an old friend of her mother wants to meet with her. There is no clear indication of who that might be: Nick Fury, Talos, or maybe even Captain Marvel herself. It does seem that Monica will be getting more screen time in the future, which I am looking forward to. There was very little closure to Monica’s story arc, as we have no real idea what her powers actually are. Regardless, I’m glad that the show gave us this clue to Monica playing a bigger role in the future MCU. 

Another question that I have after watching the finale is what happened to the reactivated Vision. After Wanda’s Vision unlocks his memories, he simply flies off into the sky. Will he return in the future, and if so, in what role? He is a huge asset to S.W.O.R.D. and essentially as powerful as the original Vision. The government probably won’t allow him to escape so easily. With his memories fully intact, will he go into hiding? Will he try to find Wanda? I felt like this plot point was handled so oddly because, like many other plot points, there was absolutely no closure. 

I really enjoyed this series as a whole. Marvel took a lot of risks and did something different, and I have a lot of respect for that. I want to see more of this type of Marvel content in the future. They just held so many answers back in the finale, thinking the audience would be satisfied with cool CGI fights. I am hoping that we get our questions answered in future shows or movies instead of them simply being loose ends that we just have to live with forever. Nevertheless, “WandaVision” is still, overall, a wonderful step into the next phase of the MCU.

Episode nine of “WandaVision” is now available to stream on Disney Plus.

Sam Acosta is a sophomore Theatre Comprehensive Major and an A&E writer for Cedars. He likes spending his time watching movies, drinking Dr. Pepper, and writing plays.

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