What To Watch Next: Quarantine Edition

by Sam Acosta

It’s the start of another wonderful semester here at Cedarville University, and with that, comes the return of some of our favorite things. One-on-ones in Chucks, the lively sounds of the Meet Market, the long lines at Chick-Fil-A, and, sadly, the return of quarantine and isolation. For those brave souls who find themselves stuck in their dorm rooms, at home, or the isolated islands of Faith and Alford, one of the most daunting trials facing you right now is boredom. So here is your handy guide to the best shows and movies to run out the clock on your 10 days of quarantine/isolation — courtesy of your beloved Cedars staff. 

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (on Hulu and Peacock)

This hilariously charming sitcom about a Brooklyn police precinct boasts lovable characters and witty humor that will never fail to make you smile. Watch as Jake Peralta, a talented detective with a successful career but little care for the rules finally meets his match as Raymond Holt, the precinct’s new Captain, vows to bring order to the disorganized group of detectives. This show finds the perfect blend of crime-solving and prank-pulling that is simply pure joy to watch for those who love zany comedy and lighthearted fun. 

“The Blacklist” (on Netflix, Hulu Premium, and Peacock)

This gritty crime thriller will keep you enthralled with every twist and turn. When notorious criminal Raymond Reddington turns himself into the FBI, he comes offering an intriguing deal: to help them catch an elite group of criminals on his “blacklist” under the condition that he works with Elizabeth Keen, a rookie FBI profiler. As Reddington’s intentions are brought into question, Elizabeth must decide what part she will play in hunting down the names on his blacklist. This show is for anyone who loves crime shows, stories with incredible twists, and actor James Spader, who, in one of his best performances on television, makes the character of Reddington an instant favorite. 

“Knives Out” (on Amazon Prime)

This modern murder mystery film boasts an all-star cast and an amazing story with an ending you won’t see coming. When famous novelist Harlan Thrombey dies under mysterious circumstances and suspicion of foul play slowly grows, esteemed detective Benoit Blanc comes to investigate. With every twist comes a new suspect and with every suspect comes a new twist. Boasting a star-studded cast including Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Christopher Plumber, “Knives Out” is a movie for mystery lovers who relish trying to figure out whodunnit. 

“Downton Abbey” (on Netflix and Amazon Prime)

Welcome to a period piece that will make you laugh, cry, and be mad that they didn’t make more seasons (though thankfully there is a movie and more on the way). When the aristocratic Crawley family finds themselves without an heir, the world around them starts to change dramatically. As the social classes begin to merge and the aristocracy starts to fall, the Crawley family clings to their traditions while some of their servants look eagerly toward the promise of the future. This show is for those who love historical pieces with strong, moving storylines. 

“Community” (on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime)

As we deal with our own college struggles, “Community” helps us be grateful that our college is not nearly as crazy as it could be. Enter Greendale Community College, a school with no funding, no competent teachers, and a bumbling dean who allows pretty much anything to happen. When a group of misfits finds each other through their common need to pass Spanish class, they form a bond that only Greendale could create, facing the oddities of their college life together. For those who love self-aware comedy and ridiculous humor, “Community” is a delightfully wacky treat. 

“Shrek” and “Shrek 2” (on Hulu)

I recognize that these movies have become meme goldmines in the past few years, but internet obsessions aside, the first two “Shrek” movies are still incredible films. “Shrek” provides a perfect blend of family fun and clever comedy that even adults can enjoy. The iconic music, characters, and scenes create an entertaining experience for anyone wanting to just watch something that will leave them feeling good. There are even amazing messages about accepting yourself and facing your insecurities! What more could you ask for from a kid’s film about an ogre whose best friend is a talking donkey? These are films for everyone to enjoy. 


All of us here at Cedars pray for speedy recoveries to all those who are sick and hope that this list will help make the time go by faster. Whether you are locked in your dorm room, isolated in Faith or Alford, or stuck at home, we are all in this together, and even if we must stay six feet apart, for now, our love for movies and TV will continue to bring us together.


Sam Acosta is a Junior Theatre Comprehensive Major and an A&E writer for Cedars. He likes spending his time watching movies, drinking Dr. Pepper, and writing plays.

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