Come for Leftovers: Local Restaurant Reviews

By Kristina Birt

As the semester has gone on, I’ve realized how much I’ve missed fresh breakfast food. While Chuck’s does have some options with the grill and breakfast bar, there is just something missing about the homey feeling of brunch. With the help from some of my friends, here are a few restaurant recommendations for breakfast or brunch food for a large brunch gathering, a one-on-one, or a date.


Blueberry Café

The Blueberry Cafe is in Bellbrook, thirty minutes from campus. My friend, Julia Brewster, joined me for brunch. The cafe had a farmhouse style but reminded Julia and I of our grandparents. My favorite part of the decor was the wall that had ginormous pictures of blueberries.

Our hostess, Jacklyn, recommended many different dishes, including the Western Omelet Platter and the F (French Toast) Platter with New York Cheesecake. We ordered these items along with a blueberry pancake to split.

Julia ordered a double mocha latte, which she described as tasting “like church coffee that’s actually good.” I ordered the blueberry lemonade, which had a perfect balance between sweet and fruity.

When first receiving our food, we were surprised at how large the portions were. Overall, the food was phenomenal. Julia described the Western Omelet platter as delicious. The gravy had a perfect consistency and balanced seasonings that complemented the biscuit. The hash browns were incredibly crispy. The French toast was perfect, as it wasn’t squishy and not overcooked. The pancake had fresh blueberries and was warm and well-cooked all the way through. As leftovers, the food was still remarkable. The only part of the meal I recommend finishing at the cafe is the hash browns, which didn’t heat up well in the microwave.

Overall, The Blueberry Cafe is on my list for a future Galantine’s Day brunch. It’s a perfect restaurant to get carry-out to stock up on food for a school break. The prices are a little high but are perfect for the amount of food you get in a meal.


Sunrise Cafe

The Sunrise Cafe is in Yellow Springs, about twelve minutes from campus. When first entering the cafe, there are shelves of teacups at the entrance and you instantly get a view of a mural of a tree in autumn. The cafe offers inside seating and outside seating.

My friend, Julia, went with me to the Sunrise Cafe. The cafe was on the smaller end and was busy. Once seated, we had a moment to admire the beautiful murals that included orange clouds on the ceiling. The prices were similar to the Blueberry Cafe, with it being a little expensive with large amounts of food.

I ordered the Morning Fill Up with whole wheat French toast while Julia ordered the Sunrise Omelet. The Morning Fill Up included eggs, bacon, potatoes, and pancakes. Julia stated that the omelet had too many mushrooms for her, but she would recommend it to anyone who really likes them. The potatoes tasted fresh and had an amazing flavor with the cooked onion. The pancakes were, again, way bigger than expected and delicious with the pure maple syrup. The French toast was one of my favorites from the three restaurants. This was my first time trying this type of French toast and I don’t know if I can go back to normal thick white bread. With the addition of powdered sugar and cinnamon on top, this item is high on my list to get again.


Clifton Mill Restaurant

Clifton Mill Restaurant is in Clifton, five minutes from campus. The restaurant has a little shop in the front with seating in the back.

The view from the restaurant was gorgeous. With a creek running below and the covered bridge, the restaurant is a perfect place to escape normal life and enjoy a wonderful view. Also, there is a balcony overlooking the mill.

My friends Deborah Raczykowski and Rebekah Quinter joined me for an afternoon brunch at the Clifton Mill Restaurant. The area has a lot of history between the mill and the town of Clifton. Clifton Mill is one of 100 mills in the area that are still being used today.

I ordered the Millrace Breakfast, which consisted of two huge pancakes that were delicious and filling. Clifton Mills Restaurant offers a reward of a free pancake to whoever eats both pancakes on their own. I was nowhere close to finishing one of the pancakes, much less both.

Rebekah ordered the Gourmet Pancakes with two apple cinnamon pancakes. The pancakes were the same size as mine, but had apple bits and cinnamon mixed in. The cinnamon was subtle which is perfect for brunch. These pancakes were delicious without syrup and should be matched with a cup of hot apple cider. Rebekah also ordered a side of sausage which was incredibly savory compared to the sweetness of the pancakes.

Like the other two restaurants, the portions were huge. When I asked Deborah about her favorite part, she said, “The atmosphere and the view.”

It is a nice place to have deep conversations about life and enjoy the company of those with you.

Kristina Birt is a sophomore Business Management major and a writer for Cedars. In her free time, she likes to paint, crochet, and eat ice cream with friends.

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