Brock Is a Brotherhood

by Anna Harman

Brock Hall is located at the end of Cedar Lake Drive, and it houses nearly 190 male students. There is a good mix of ​​mechanical engineers, athletes, ROTC, computer science and many others.

This dorm is known for its annual Brocktoberfest where the halls compete against each other in games and competitions such as truck pulls, giant tug-of-war, cornhole, spikeball, speed eating, etc. then they finish it off by eating barbecue.

The best part of living in Brock, according to sophomore Ben Schultz, is “the people. I stayed again this year because of all the friends I made in the hall.” Several other Brock residents agreed that the community and close group of friends were what kept them at Brock Hall.

Brock also has spacious dorm rooms, lots of nearby parking available and a lounge with a ping pong table. The lounge is separated into two sides, so it makes it convenient to have a game night with friends, study or stream a football game.

Jordan Jones, the Resident Director at Brock says, “On any given night, we might have guys hanging out in a room playing ‘Smash Bros,’ running down the hall with Nerf guns or watching the playoff games. I love it. We all have fun and are able to enjoy a solid community of like-minded brothers in Christ.”

One part of living at Brock that may be less desirable to some students is the distance between the dorm and a majority of the buildings on campus. It is at the north end of campus, and it is a bit of a walk to get to various places around campus. Although, the community at Brock oftentimes makes that walk worth it to the residents.

Another thing residents don’t love about Brock are the showers because of the undersized shower curtains and poor water quality. But something Brock Hall does have is a great RD and eight awesome Resident Assistants.

Sophomore Jake Durham says, “There have also been a few prayer mornings where the RD gets donuts, and we just pray before we head out to classes which was pretty cool.” Sophomore Jonah Bailey says, “The RAs run Bible studies and fun events and get to know you pretty well. My RA, at least, solves conflict with a very chill, collected, godly demeanor.” Sophomore Ben Schultz says, “Luke Faucette is my RA, and my RD is Jordan Jones. I like them both. They do a good job communicating with us and keeping us posted on important things.”

Jones says, “There is a solid group of Christ-focused men in Brock that seek to serve the Lord, and their actions reflect this. Even though there are so many unique individuals in the hall, they are able to come together to build a body of believers that reflects the Church. We love to fellowship and have fun while encouraging one another to be more like Christ. It’s really a microcosm of the Cedarville University experience.”

While there are flaws to Brock hall, just like any dorm, there are several great things about living in this dorm. Male students who want to form close friendships with the guys in their hall, play ping pong, and enjoy the spacious dorm rooms, Brock is a good choice for you.  According to freshman Jarred Hackney, “Brock is a brotherhood.”

Anna Harman is a sophomore Biblical Studies major and also a reporter for Cedars. She appreciates writing, peppermint tea, flowers and going to concerts.

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