Kareck seeks to leave behind a legacy of service to the student body through Resound Radio.

By Jewell Strock

Resound Radio, located in the Stevens Student Center,  seeks to uplift listeners’ spirits through positive, encouraging music and stories from around campus. This year, Senior Theatre Major Josiah Kareck leads the Resound Radio On-Air team.

Resound Radio is an interactive service to students; it is an academic function, not a club. Building students up and encouraging them in their relationship with Christ is what motivates the program. Mentoring and building trust is the mission behind Resound Radio, and what resides in Kareck’s heart with his passion for helping others through Christ. 

When choosing between colleges, Kareck went through a process of elimination that eventually led him to Cedarville. The other colleges he viewed either were too expensive or didn’t have the full theatre program he was looking for. Kareck was approached to help with Resound Radio in his sophomore year. Now, two years later, he is still actively involved in the radio program. 

Kareck’s day-to-day work with Resound involves two jobs. His paid position is Operations Director, where he oversees the student voices on the air. He places and mentors them as a way to help grow their ability for radio performance. His goal is to help improve their public speaking and show them how to incorporate their relationship with Christ while on the air. 

Kareck hopes to continue doing his job at Resound Radio to the best of his ability until he graduates. One of Kareck’s contributions to the program is adding podcasts; he hopes such a feature will continue after he graduates and allows for easy takeover once he’s gone. They also had DJ auditions for anyone from any major; this will hopefully involve many more people in the radio program. 

Resound Radio’s motto is: Building You Up. Kareck wants students to hear encouragement, positivity, and joyfulness through Resound Radio. 

“Life does get challenging, and we’re not afraid to talk about that on the air,” Kareck said. “If a student is able to relate to anything we say and relate to the walk with Christ that we have, we’ve done our job.”

Learning to maintain a professional relationship as well as a Christ-centered friendship is something Kareck has continuously learned through working at Resound Radio. Words matter and can build people up, especially students listening to the radio program who might be struggling. Knowing the importance of words has been impactful in Kareck’s own life, and he hopes to continue to apply it to his life after graduation. 

“God uses unlikely avenues to make you more like Christ. I did not anticipate that I was going to be a part of the leadership team at Resound,” Kareck said. “If you trust in the Lord and are willing to go down different paths for His will, then He will reward you in that. Resound Radio has been a blessing and I hope it is for students as well.”

Jewell Strock is a junior International Studies major and journalist for Cedars. She finds enjoyment in matcha, rainy weather, writing, and Jane Austen

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