‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Episode Three Shows Promise

By Samuel M Acosta

This episode did a lot for the series. Not only did it do work to deepen the story, but it provided a more consistent feeling that I think the show needed going forward, along with finding its own voice. I actually felt like I could begin to invest a bit more into the story and characters. While the humor still is finding its footing, the “Attorney at Law” part of this show is finally coming into play, and honestly, that is where this show is finding its sweet spot. 

Episode three shows Jen trying to put out the fire that arises when footage of Abomination fighting Wong during the events of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” goes viral. This reflects badly on Emil, as it proves that he has escaped from prison, ruining his chances of parole. Jen is able to track down Wong, however, who testifies to the parole board that he forced Emil to leave the prison and that it was Emil who asked to be returned, even after being offered his freedom. The parole board eventually agrees to grant Emil parole, under the condition that he never turns into the Abomination ever again, allowing him to open his meditation retreat with his seven soulmates (yes, that is a plot point.)

While all this is happening, Pug is helping Dennis, the sexist lawyer from Jen’s old firm, sue a shapeshifter who essentially catfished Dennis by pretending to be Megan Thee Stallion and scamming him for one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars. There isn’t much depth here, but it’s just fun to watch. 

The courtroom is one of the most interesting places in all of “She-Hulk”

This episode was honestly pretty good. It started settling into the lawyer show that it promised to deliver and does so with a strong mix of comedy and accuracy. It feels like, even when we are dealing with super-enhanced individuals in these trials, there are still semi-realistic stakes. These scenes have character witnesses, evidence, and the tension of having to outthink the other lawyer, which are the elements that make courtroom dramas so entertaining. It feels like instead of laying a lawyer show on top of a superhero foundation, they started with a lawyer show as a foundation and placed superheroes on top. It creates something relatively unique and is, as of now, the strongest element of this entire show. 

We also got some amazing cameos in this episode. Of course, Abomination is a very prominent character in this episode. I am so happy that they have continued to redeem this character. He provides such a freshness to MCU reformed villains and I hope that now that he is a member of society, we will see more of him. Wong makes his appearance in his typical magically informal fashion. He just adds chaotic good energy and it is always fascinating watching the Sorcerer Supreme continue his adventures. We also get a Megan Thee Stallion cameo… which I suppose is fun. 

What excites me most about this episode is the very end.  Jen gets attacked by a gang (known in the comics as The Wrecking Crew), wielding Asgardian construction weapons. After she easily defeats them, we hear them discuss how the boss will be angry they weren’t able to get a sample of her blood.  Here, we get the first hint that there is some big bad out there going after She-Hulk. Why they want a sample of her blood is unknown. Maybe they are looking for the secret to creating more Hulks. Whether this will be a new villain or a revisit from an old one is yet to be seen. There are, I think, three big options for who this could be. 

Samuel Sterns is a character long forgotten that could see a return in “She-Hulk”

The first option is Samuel Sterns, a scientist from “The Incredible Hulk” who at the end of the movie was infected with gamma-radiated blood through a head wound. Since the Hulk was recast after that, the movie’s components have largely been forgotten, Sterns being one of those. Yet, with Emil Blonsky and the events of that movie being a big part of  “She-Hulk”, this could be a sign that Sterns might finally get his moment. 

The second option could be that Sharon Carter aka The Power Broker is looking for a new product. After she lost her access to the super soldier serum, Carter is in the market for something to put her back on top and to expand her reach. If Jen could turn from a normal person to a Hulk, why couldn’t other people? And why couldn’t that be turned for a nice profit?

Finally, Valentina Fontaine could be another possibility for who is leading the Wrecking Crew. Since she is being held up as a sort of “Anti-Fury” for the MCU, could she be looking to create a Hulk for her team? This could be the case and might even tie into the future “Thunderbolts” movie. 

“She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” is really finding its groove and it makes me incredibly happy that it is not only doing something original, but doing it well.

I give episode three an 8/10

Sam Acosta is a Senior Theatre Comprehensive Major and the Arts and Entertainment Editor for Cedars. He likes spending his time watching movies, drinking Dr. Pepper and writing plays.

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