Cedarville Meme Pages Bring Students Together

Meme courtesy of @corniest_memes_of_the_fields. 

By Anna Harman

We’ve all seen or followed one of the numerous meme pages that have been created by Cedarville students. Countless memes have been made about chapel, student stereotypes and campus-wide jokes. Memes are so well appreciated among students that most of us can predict when a meme will be made while we’re sitting in Chapel. What causes students to create these pages? Who are these masters of comedy? 

The Cedarville meme page @corniest_memes_of_the_fields was started by a student, who will remain anonymous due to privacy purposes, during their freshman year. They are now a senior, so the page has been up for four years. It was originally a page for memes about a mission trip they went on. Then they started making memes about chapel during their first semester at Cedarville and changed the page to a Cedarville-themed page. It only grew from there. 

“I’m honestly flattered my page has gotten as big as it has. Apparently, some people find me funny,” said the creator of @corniest_memes_of_the_fields. “Memes are very central to Gen Z humor, and so specific memes that have a lighthearted laugh at everyday campus life is just something that people really like.”

The page @sclb_trickshots_cu is the Cedarville meme page of St. Clair Lower Back, an all-male dormitory. This page was created in the fall of 2019 by Malachi Morrison, who was in his freshman year. He made it with the help of four of his closest friends. 

Morrison initially posted trick-shot videos, but the page went dormant after the first couple of months. Once Covid sent everyone home in the spring of 2020, he posted a meme they found online and got a good amount of likes. From there, he decided to transform the page into a meme page. Over the following summer, he learned how to make memes and has posted Cedarville content ever since. 

Meme pages such as The Cedarmemer and Memes from the Ville were already posting content before Morrison’s freshman year. The Cedarmemer was his inspiration for starting a meme page. 

“I know everyone on campus deals with a lot of stress and anxiety, so I made it my goal to positively impact our campus through humor,” Morrison said. “I think the memes have taken off on campus because most of the memes target a niche audience with relatable content. I have noticed that the more Cedarville-specific a meme is, the greater likelihood that it will end up with a higher like total. People want memes that relate to what they’re going through.” 

As memes have become more popular among students, more meme pages on campus have been and continue to be made to meet the demand. 

“I still find it hard to believe how much reach I have on campus. People like Dr. White, some prominent people in the CU administration, various professors, and even Trevin Wax keep up with the page,” Morrison said. “If you would have told me this three years ago I wouldn’t have believed you.” 

Meme courtesy of @sclb_trickshots_cu

Memes allow students to be brought closer together through humor and laughter. They can share experiences through these comical pages and I think that’s why students enjoy them so much. Be sure to follow @corniest_memes_of_the_fields and @sclb_trickshots_cu on Instagram for a good laugh.

These pages are not affiliated with Cedarville University. 

Anna Harman is a junior Biblical Studies major and also a reporter for Cedars. She appreciates writing, peppermint tea, flowers, and going to concerts.

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