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Jim Mellick and His Wounded Warrior Dogs and other Parables Collection

Professor Mellick is a nationally-recognized, award winning artist, sculptor, and retired CU faculty member. His Wounded Warrior Dogs collection has won the ArtPrize Grant Prize and has been exhibited in museums all across the country. Cedarville is honored to be able to exhibit Professor Mellick's works in their Art Gallery before they find their permanent resting place in a museum collection. Listen to Professor Mellick's inspiring stories about his art and how his life has led him here.

The era of fan-atical power

By Samuel M Acosta As long as entertainment has existed, fans have existed. Nowadays, with more entertainment content than ever before, there are seemingly infinite fan bases, all of which are extremely passionate. Yet, in recent years, this passion has become a weapon that fans have wielded countless times. Through frequent successes, this has turned the fanbase into a looming mob. While there are some benefits to this newfound power, there is also a significant danger that has the ...

Christmas Around the World

By Anna Harman In the United States, Christmas is a huge deal. Many people enjoy decorating the outsides of their houses with lights and sometimes they put inflatable figures or statues of Santa Claus or reindeer in their yard. Usually, people with children will leave carrots for the reindeer, and a few cookies with a glass of milk as a snack for Santa on Christmas Eve. Many towns, stores and businesses decorate the streets and buildings with lights to celebrate Christmas. But not all ...