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‘The Last of Us’ episode two shows both beauty and terror

By Ben Konuch “Now you know where they are, now they come. You're not immune from being ripped apart, do you understand?” The following review will contain spoilers for the first two episodes of “The Last of Us” Episode two of “The Last of Us” opens with a surprising flashback scene, but one that sets the stage of the entire episode with dread and foreboding. A woman in Jakarta is apprehended at a restaurant and is quickly revealed to be a local expert in mycology who is ...

‘A Man Called Otto’ has me wishing someone would ban remaking wonderful classics

By Kathryn McDonald In 2012, Forum published Fredrik Backman’s novel “A Man Called Ove.” Originally written in Swedish, the book was translated into English in 2013 and eventually gained widespread popularity. When the 2015 Swedish movie adaptation of the book was released it was nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Foreign Language Film of the Year and Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling.  Now, in 2023, American audiences have their own film adaptation in English ...

Alt 3

ALT nights are a fan-favorite here at Cedarville. SGA offers a diverse range of activities, which often include food trucks, games, and a movie. This past ALT night there was a silent disco! Everyone gathered in the BTS and had a blast listening to their favorite music and dancing with their friends. Filmed and edited by Alben Augustine