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‘Jesus Revolution’ is a film that explores hope in a hole of darkness.

By: Laci Strouse As I walked into the movie theatre, I had no idea what to expect. I had no prior knowledge of what this movie would be about. I saw there was a new Christian film out and immediately purchased tickets. After watching the film, I had no regrets.  “Jesus Revolution” was set in the late 1960s in California. The film begins with the main character Greg (Joel Courtney) meeting some private school students. It didn’t take long for them to influence Greg to join ...

Why ‘Miraculous’ is worth watching

By Kristina Birt “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir” is a French anime created by Thomas Astruc that takes place in modern-day Paris. The original idea for the show contained darker themes and was targeted toward adults. It ended up being more cutesy and targeted toward children ages seven and up.  The universe of “Miraculous” has a lot of lore that is introduced in episodes “Origins: Part 1” and “Origins: Part 2.” Part 1 begins by showing a miracle box, a ...

Behind the Scenes: AYO Dance Company 

Filled with movement and fun, Ayo is a dance organization on campus that provides a way for students to express themselves with their God-given talents in dance. Watch and listen as they tell more about the joy in being in this organization. Ayo will also be having their Spring Showcase from March 31st and April 1st at 7pm and would love to have you there! Tickets are on sale right now!  Filmed and edited by Jernice Toh and Alisa Bershak