CU Students’ Favorite Coffee Shops

by Anna Harman

There are a few coffee spots in Cedarville to choose from, but there are several coffee shops outside of Cedarville that many students find worth the drive.   

“My favorite coffee shop outside of Cedarville is Vinyl Coffee. I believe that the quality of the coffee for the price is better than anything you find in Cedarville,” said junior Nursing major, Jy Klein. “It’s better tasting and cheaper. I also love the atmosphere with all of the Vinyl records playing, plants everywhere, and lots of natural lighting.” 

Vinyl Coffee is located in downtown Washington Court House, Ohio, which is about 30 minutes outside of Cedarville. Vinyl serves breakfast and lunch food, as well as coffee and a variety of other beverages. This company believes that good coffee, food, and music can be foundational for building community. The shop serves as a vehicle for fostering these relationships, and by doing so, anyone who comes into the store can find a strong sense of community. 

Junior Nursing major, Hannah Monagle, said “My favorite would have to be Pettibone in Dayton! It’s so cute and the coffee is really good.” 

Pettibone is located in Dayton, Ohio, which is also 30 minutes outside of Cedarville. The shop is an open-concept space that utilizes clever design and technology in its coffee production and brewing process. When people walk into Pettibone, they are welcomed to the sight of coffee being processed and brewed in one building. The company prides itself in the consistency and quality of the coffee. This shop doesn’t have a bunch of fancy, sugary drinks to choose from, but they have quality coffee that is worth the try.  

“Tastefully Roasted is my favorite. It has a large space with lots of tables of various sizes, and comfy chairs to study at. The aesthetic of the shop is incredible. They have a chic-modern-rustic look that I love,” said senior Biblical Studies major, Jana Croyts. “The free wifi, with Insomnia Cookies next door, and Duck Donuts a few mins away makes it a great study place.” 

The company also has a lot of drink options including coffee, tea, and boba. Additionally, she enjoys that the store has a lot of sugar-free options for drinks. Croyts highly recommends the caramel iced latte.

Tastefully Roasted is also located in Dayton, Ohio, and is about 35 minutes from Cedarville. This shop aims to be transparent, responsible, and inclusive in all that the company does, and always focuses on being local. The company sources its products locally and supports local businesses in the Dayton community. The store has a menu with rotating specials, pastries, as well as breakfast and lunch options. Tastefully Roasted maintains a sense of community in the store, and upholds a passion for quality coffee. 

Anna Harman is a junior Biblical Studies major and also a reporter for Cedars. She appreciates writing, peppermint tea, flowers, and going to concerts.

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