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College students share why they love to thrift

By Chloe Smith Shelves of knick-knacks. Racks of clothes, some with that signature musty smell. Framed prints. Glassware. Shoes. These are common items that fill thrift stores. Some view thrift stores as places for old junk. To others, it is a modern treasure hunt. Thrifting has become increasingly popular among the younger generations. Some do it to be trendy. Others, to save money. Some even see it as a way to be environmentally friendly and break away from fast fashion. Relat...

Not just a thrift store: How Second Act gives back to the community

By Chloe Smith What does it mean to be the hands and feet of Jesus? For one small thrift store in Cedarville, it means helping the community in any way they can. And it started with a few donations of used clothing. The Cedarville United Methodist Church used to place donated clothes on the pews for those in need to take. But while donations piled up, the church began to run out of space. And so the idea of a thrift store was born. Related College students share why they love to ...

‘Free to be Me’: Why people thrift

By: Maggie Fipps Walt looked for mistakes. He methodically scanned the rows of junk stacked in the driveway, the detritus of someone’s life sorted and piled up in the sun. He looked for errors of oversight, treasure in the trash that the previous owner had overlooked. He gravitated toward an orange vase – the cut glass engraved with the shadows of black trees. He paid the $20 scrawled on the sticker tag and returned home to uncover the history of his find. As he unwrapped the ...

“The Last of Us” episode has arrived! 

Longtime “The Last of Us” fans Ben and Sam along with recent fan Janie discuss what the hit TV series did right, what it did wrong, and how it may have broken the curse of film and TV adaptations of video games.  WARNING: SPOILERS FOR “THE LAST OF US” GAME AND TV SHOW, AND “THE LAST OF US PART 2” GAME

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