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The Star Wars Showdown  

If you are a Star Wars fan, then this episode is for you! Janie, Ben, Sam, and Jacob settle the debate over the best piece of Star Wars media ever made, March Madness bracket style. Which one do you think the winner will be?

Jeff Davenport serves on campus with Campus Security and off campus through disability ministry

By Ashleigh Clark and Avonlea Brown “Mind if I sit with you folks?” Jeff Davenport asks as he approaches a table full of students in the Willets dormitory lounge. The group of students looks up at the smiling security officer. Stunned silence follows his question before one student finally nods his head. “What are you talking about?” Davenport asks again as he sits down in an empty chair. “Bluegrass music,” a boy in glasses answers. The others still are silent. “...

‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Provides Nostalgia For Fans

By Anna Harman I grew up playing the original Mario Bros. game as well as the spin-off games such as the new Super Mario Bros., Mario Sports Mix, and many others. This is a classic game for so many people, young and old, and so there was a wide range of people excited for this movie to come out. There were also many skeptics of this movie. People didn’t want the producers to ruin this beloved game or make it seem “cheap.” This movie was very interesting to me for several reasons. ...