HBO’s New Superman Show is a Lively Adaptation of the Beloved Character (Spoiler Free)

By Ashleigh Clark

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s another adaptation of Superman!

I’m guessing very few people were as excited about this new Superman show as I was. There have been many Superman animated series. Perhaps some fans may groan at the idea of a new one. However, “My Adventures with Superman” has the opportunity to become a beloved classic for this generation of Superman fans. 

“My Adventures with Superman” centers around Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen as young upstart interns at the Daily Planet. The show takes the trio through an investigation into alien tech that has popped up in Metropolis. In their attempt to become full-fledged reporters, their sleuthing leads them down a path involving interdimensional beings and secret military operations. Although some episodes feel isolated and disconnected, the show ensures that every petty thief or millionaire mastermind is interwoven into the mystery undercutting the show. During this, Superman must come to terms with who he really is and why he was brought to Earth. 

The relationship between Lois and Clark is the cutest maybe it’s ever been

Clark battles life as a brand-new superhero in a big city, all while trying to play it cool in front of his love interest, Lois Lane. Meanwhile, Lois wants to prove herself as a new journalist by uncovering the truth about Superman. As for Jimmy, he gets to play the lovable sidekick to the romance of his best friends while running an online channel called FlameBird. As the show continues, Superman’s secrets drive rifts between him and his friends. This interpersonal drama makes for a compelling growth narrative for the characters.

Whereas other versions of Superman are stoic and mature, “My Adventures with Superman” leans into the shenanigans of a younger, more vibrant cast. It highlights Clark and Lois’ relationship, giving the audience plenty to gush over in delight. The pair are not quite mature adults. Her outgoing optimism and his awkward personality led to many adorable moments. 

However, this is not a romantic comedy or a drama; it is a superhero story. Action and suspense keep the audience locked into the mystery of the show’s central plot. As Clark slowly discovers how to use his powers, he struggles to utilize them in battle. His compassion for people handicaps his ability to fight, meaning villains have a slight edge in battle. This keeps the fight scenes from becoming a one-sided brawl, a common problem with Superman media. 

Since this show targets younger audiences, it stays comfortably within its PG rating. As an adult watching the show, accepting that the pacing and drama might suffer for the simplicity of its story is expected. Emphasis is put on cheap story gimmicks and cartoon logic in order to push certain story moments ahead. “My Adventures with Superman” is meant for children, so one should not expect it to meet adult viewing expectations. That being said, that never diminishes the fun or the excitement of watching Superman and his friends in this new iteration.

“My Adventures with Superman” is a cute, low-stakes show about a beloved character. I recommend you sit back and relax with some snacks and a blanket while binge-watching this show. 

All in all, I give this show eight Smallvilles out of ten. 

“My Adventures with Superman” is now streaming on HBO Max

Ashleigh Clark is a junior Political Science major. She loves hiking and playing Catan with friends. 

Images courtesy of Warner Bros. Animation

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