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Film Students Create an Award-Winning Short Film in 48 Hours 

Imagine creating, filming, and editing an entire short film in 48 hours. Well, a group of Cedarville Film Students came together to attempt this challenge. To do this, they signed up for the 48-hour film project, which is an international film festival. It allows filmmakers to test their skills in creativity to make a film in a single weekend.  Follow along to see how these students made it happen.  Filmed and edited by Julia Mumford 

‘Divine Influencer’ gives Gen-Z a glimpse into the real world

By Laci Strouse Olivia Golden was a marketing influencer who worked in a fashion boutique. Out of nowhere, she slipped and made a mistake that changed the trajectory of her life. Now jobless and cut off from her parent’s stability, she was challenged to navigate the real world to learn the true meaning of being an influencer.  Recently, social media and influencer-related jobs have soared through the market. “Divine Influencer” captured the essence of today’s outlook on ...