‘The Santa Clauses’ Season 2 is off to a Festive Start

By Anna Harman

The last season of “The Santa Clauses” was truly nostalgic and magical, especially since I adore “The Santa Clause” trilogy. I wasn’t sure what they would do with this season, but I was excited to find out. 

The first two episodes of “The Santa Clauses” dropped on Disney+ on November 8th. Right away, I fell in love with the soundtrack choices. The show opened with a recap of what happened in the last season and the song “Last Christmas” played in the background, which I found comical. 

The show then introduced the two new characters featured in this season: Mad Santa (Eric Stonestreet), and a man who owns a Christmas store (Gabriel Iglesias). 

The show quickly shifted to the original Santa (Tim Allen) who announced that he wants to potentially make his son Calvin (Austin Kane) the new Santa. However, Carol, or Mrs. Claus, (Elizabeth Mitchell) doesn’t think that Calvin is quite cut out for the job. 

In addition, Betty (Matilda Lawler), the head elf, leaves the North Pole for a required vacation from her job. This begins all sorts of chaos at the North Pole, including the Mad Santa getting released from being frozen for ages and posing a threat of takeover to the North Pole and the elves. 

One thing I enjoyed so far is the writing. I felt like it had a good plot that made me want to keep watching to find out what happened next. There were so many different twists and turns, as well as hilarious jokes mixed in. 

I loved seeing Tim Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell together again for another season. It is so cool to see them play these characters years later as if no time passed. There aren’t tons of other characters from the movies, at least in the first two episodes this season, but they will likely have a few cameos like they did in the first season. 

One last thing I loved about the season so far is the set for the show. The creators truly know how to capture the cheesy, cozy, over-the-top Christmas vibes of the North Pole. It’s so Christmasy and festive, and it fits so well with the world of “The Santa Clause.”

I look forward to watching the remainder of the season in the coming weeks!

“The Santa Clauses” is streaming on Disney+ now, with new episodes every Wednesday.

Anna Harman is a senior Christian Education major and also a reporter for Cedars. She appreciates writing, chai lattes, flowers and going to concerts.

Images courtesy of Disney+ 

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    Juanita Ehlers February 28, 2024 (6:13 pm)

    I LOVED The Santa Clauses stream on Disney+. I believe Tim Allen & Elizabeth Mitchell have yet again captured the Christmas spirit! Thank you for bringing tears to my eyes and staying true to the movie! ❤️

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