Sanctify Ministries at Cedarville University hosts panel to answer student questions about godly friendship

By Emma Popik

On November 14, Cedarville University’s women’s org Sanctify Ministries hosted an event called Cultivating Godly Friendships.

Sanctify Ministries seeks to show women the importance of spiritual, physical, and emotional purity. Disability Services Manager and Sanctify Ministries Advisor Tara Winters tackles topics that most Christians are generally afraid to talk about. 

Winters coordinated the event along with the members of the organization and a faculty and staff panel. The aim was to teach women how to strive for friendships that are rooted in Christ and build them in the Lord. 

The panel was led by Brynn Hannon, a member of Sanctify Ministries, Hannon is a sophomore psychology major. Hannon led the discussion with questions about how to make and keep friendships centered on Christ.

At the end of the discussion, there was a Q&A from the audience to the panelists about the topics discussed. The last part of the night was filled with fellowship and good conversation while making magnetic bouquets.

The panel consisted of Teresa Clark, Angelia Mickle, Ellen Wood and Sarah Iglehart. These four women were intentionally chosen as godly women on campus who impact students. 

“They speak into our lives in so many incredible ways,” Winters said. “We want to hear from them on this personal level, outside the classroom.” 

Mackenzie Willoughby, a sophomore Nursing major who attended the event said “Hearing from Dr. Mickle tonight showed the care she has for her students. Her insights about prayer and being a light to old friends have been in my head ever since Tuesday.”

Sarah Iglehart is the assistant director of admissions. She meets, welcomes and encourages prospective and current students to seek Christ in all things. 

Iglehart graduated from Cedarville before taking her position in admissions. She understands Cedarville culture surrounding friendship and relationships. Being one of the first people incoming students see and talk to makes Sarah passionate about student flourishing. 

Brynn Hannon said, “Sarah Iglehart was chosen as she only graduated a few years ago, she has a deep knowledge of Cedarville culture and life, and she has been an encouragement to many.”

Iglehart encourages students to make godly friends on campus and desires to see friendships thrive.

Every year Sanctify Ministries puts on four student events that help unite the students in knowledge of holistic purity. This event was for female students, staff, and faculty. In February, Sanctify will be coordinating an event about healthy relationships with a panel of faculty men.

Sanctify Ministries events have high student engagement. The willingness to talk about holistic purity helps students be comfortable with the topic and be authentic about their convictions.

Cedarville’s culture continues to change and improve to come alongside students and walk with them through hard conversations such as sexual purity.

“This change has morphed us to be able to speak into other topics about how to live wholly for the Lord, so we do not just have to focus just on the physical part anymore and we can branch out and talk about topics like friendships,” Winters said.

“A friend that actually challenges you to grow in godliness, a lot of people will tell you what you want to hear and agree with you when you’re probably not being wise,” Iglehart said. “Having a friend who’s not afraid to preach biblical truth to you even when it’s hard, those are friends to cherish for life.”

Emma Popik is a freshman Social Work major. She enjoys hikes, traveling, and getting coffee with friends.

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