Dodgeball Tournament and Silent Disco Highlight Third Alt Night of the Year

By Zoe Ekeh

Cedarville University’s 3rd Alt Night of the year, and the first of the semester, took place on Friday, January 19. It took place in three locations that each had an event or activity taking place. 

The first event was held at the Dixon Ministry Chapel. Food trucks were parked in the building’s circular parking lot and there were semi lengthy lines for each truck at around 5:30 pm. Yard games and a dodgeball tournament in the Doden Field House, as well as a silent disco in the Center for Biblical and Theological Studies took place at 6:30 pm. Remember The Titans was also shown. It was displayed on the two screens in the DMC chapel at 8:00 pm.

Alt Nights are one of Cedarville University’s forms of campus amusement. The events are coordinated by the university’s Campus Activity Board, a section of the Campus Experience department. The board comes up with activity and event ideas by speaking to students on campus and meeting with the Class Council organization. They put into consideration the student’s needs and wants when it comes to having fun, as well as weather conditions.

Members of the Campus Experience Operations Team set up each Alt Night event about 1 hour to 30 minutes before it will start. The one thing they always make sure to set up is a scanner. It is a device that tracks the number of activity or event goers for each activity or event taking place. Which helps the Campus Activity Board determine what activities and events to conduct again for future Alt Nights.

Hannah Kuczynski, a member of CAB, states that determining what events to conduct for Alt Nights is sort of based on student involvement. 

“Could be a mixture of both, kinda depends on the year, but Alt Nights are always something that we love to do a free event for students on campus,” Kuczynski said.

Food trucks parked around the Dixon Ministry Chapel building’s circular parking lot at 5:00 pm. Pitabilities, Cupzilla, and Billie Gold Bubble Tea were the line up, which meant the food options involved gyros, Korean BBQ, and bubble tea. Inside the DMC building there were tables set up in the Alumni Hall area. Students were able to sit down and enjoy their meal. 

Frequent Alt Night attendee Serine Warner is familiar with Pitabilities due to the fact that the food truck comes around her neighborhood often.

“It is most definitely a 10/10! So far, really good! It’d be really cool if they got like cajun salt, that’d be really good, but pretty good,” Warner said. 

The Silent Disco started at 6:30 pm in the BTS Atrium. It revolved around headphones that light up in different colors such as red, blue, or green, and are connected to different musical channels. The color of a pair of headphones is dependent on which musical channel it is connected to. The BTS Atrium was filled with people moving around with headphones which kept me, the observer curious about what they were listening to. 

Lydia Burak attended the silent disco and was enjoying herself outside of her comfort zone. Burak described listening to music through a pair of the headphones as, “really strange, it’s also even more weird seeing people dancing to a completely different song.”

Another event that started at 6:30 pm in the Doden Field House was a dodgeball tournament. As well as there also being games to play corn hole toss, nine square, and spike ball. Which were activities that were set up to be played during the dodgeball tournament. 

The last event of the night was a movie showing of the film, Remember The Titans. It was shown in the DMC Chapel and the doors to the chapel opened at 7:30 pm. Displaying movies in the chapel is a popular recurrent event for Alt Nights.

Hannah Kucynzski mentioned how CAB pays a movie licensing company, Swank Motion Pictures, to show movies in the DMC Chapel. 

“We have a licensing company to be able to watch the movie, because of the amount of people that are watching the movie, due to copyright,” Kucynzski said.

Food trucks, a silent disco, a dodgeball tournament, and a movie showing, were the events that made this Alt Night amusingly fun!

Zoe Ekeh is a Senior Journalism Major and a On-Campus News writer for Cedars. She enjoys listening to music, conversating with others, and baking.

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