Pettibone Coffee is a Spot For Coffee Connoisseurs 

By Anna Harman

There are many spots near Cedarville for students to find coffee. Pettibone Coffee, located in Dayton, Ohio about 29 minutes from Cedarville’s campus, is one of many spots near Cedarville for students to find coffee.

Pettibone has a very trendy, aesthetically pleasing look. It is a pretty environment with a relaxing atmosphere. There is a lot of natural light because of the large windows, so it has a happy, sunny feel to it. 

Its open concept cafe is inviting and creates a good environment for studying and socializing with friends. People can be found doing homework and doing work throughout the room. Everyone is in their own world, but still sharing the space. It can be a calming environment to work in. 

Customers can watch baristas make coffee right in the center of the cafe. They have a small set up, all behind the center counter because they specialize in a few quality drinks and food items. 

Their main options include a mocha, vanilla latte, whiskey caramel latte, and a honey latte. They don’t have many syrups or flavorings to go into their drinks. They are more focused on stronger, more straightforward coffee drinks. So if you like sweet, flavored drinks then this is not the coffee shop for you. 

I ordered a large iced chai latte for $5.25, which is a decent price in comparison to what some other coffee shops charge. It was okay, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite chai latte that I’ve tried. It is a more mild, watered down flavor than I’d prefer. I prefer a stronger, creamier chai. 

I would recommend visiting Pettibone Coffee if you want to get picture-worthy drinks, meet with friends, or have a beautiful and bright environment to do work in. Although, if you don’t like strong coffee flavors, I wouldn’t recommend this cafe for your regular coffee trips. 

Anna Harman is a senior Christian Education major and also a reporter for Cedars. She appreciates writing, children’s ministry, flowers, and going to concerts. 

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