Senior Sunday: Paige Butler

By Esther Fultz

Paige Butler is a senior nursing student at Cedarville University. She appreciates Cedarville’s overall focus on God’s word, the opportunity to meet her best friends here, and her nursing classes and clinicals that have built her confidence and competence as a future nurse.

Butler’s favorite memories from Cedarville are centered around the friendships she has built while at Cedarville and include small everyday moments as well as exciting off-campus adventures.

“There are a lot of different worship nights with friends that were really great throughout the year,” Butler said. “It’s just really special to go with people and sing songs to the Lord with friends. A few friends and I also went on a vacation to Myrtle Beach, which was so fun and we just made a ton of good memories and enjoyed the warm weather.”

Although she does not know exactly what life after graduation holds, Butler hopes to use her degree in nursing to serve the patients she works with in the ICU. She also hopes to find Christian community wherever she is at. She is thankful for the ways Cedarville has grown and prepared her for life after graduation. One area that especially stands out is her walk with the Lord.

“During my time at Cedarville, I’ve really learned to trust the Lord and his word,” Butler said. “I think the highest highs and the lowest lows of my life have been in these past four years, which is really sweet looking back but during those low times I’ve really learned to trust the Lord and his promises, and that’s just really brought me a lot of peace.”

Esther Fultz is a senior Social Work major and the Off Campus Editor for Cedars. When she’s not writing or editing for Cedars she enjoys thrifting, making coffee, exploring new places, and spending time with friends.

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