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Highlights: MISO World Fair

A look into MISO's World Fair on Friday, March 23, 2018. Photos by Jessica St. Onge

Highlights: Spring Break

A gallery of submitted photos from Cedarville's spring break of 2018.

Highlights: Alt IV

A look at the activities and highlights from ALT IV: The Greatest ALT. Photos by Jessica St. Onge

Highlights: Lil Sibs

A look at the activities of Lil Sibs Weekend, a yearly tradition at Cedarville that invites the siblings of students to come and visit for the weekend. Photos by Jessica St. Onge

Highlights: Music Showcase

A look into the preparation high school students put into the Music Showcase, as well as the concert. Music Showcase is an event that invites high school students from across the country to take part in an Honors Band, an Honors Orchestra, or Honors Choir, and prepares them for a concert over just three days of rehearsal.

Highlights: Love Your Neighbor

For Valentine's day, the ELML department organized the "Love Your Neighbor" event, where students and staff helped to assemble packages for those in need. Photos by Jessica St. Onge

Highlights: CU on Ice

A look into CU on Ice, an event hosted by Cedarville's School of Business Administration at Chiller Ice Rink in Springfield. Photos by Sarah Vahhoihniang

Highlights: 100 Days Party 2018

A look into the seniors' 100 days party, commemorating 100 days until graduation. Photos by Macey Wymer

Christmas Highlights 2017

A glimpse into the anticipated Christmas festivities that take place every year during the final weeks of Fall semester. Photos by Naomi Harward, Macey Wymer, and Sarah Pennington.

Recap: Org Wars 2017

CU student orgs gather together once again for the annual Org Wars, competing against each other for the 2017 Org Wars crown. - photos by Lydia Wolterman