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TNL Lipsync Battle

Thursday Night Live at Cedarville University! This week Resound Radio hosted a lip sync battle in Stingers. Brave contestants took to the stage to give the performance of a live time! Watch as they sing their heart out to become the winner of the night!  Photo Credit:  Josephine Schmidt-Krayer 

‘The Bad Batch’ season two evolves its formula

By Janie Walenda It’s hard to be an episodic television show nowadays. As binge watching is the norm and audiences are obsessed with connected storytelling, shows with weekly, formulaic episodes get lost in the crowd. “The Bad Batch” is a prime example of this phenomenon. It’s a good show with strong reviews, but it rarely dominates social media the same way shows like “The Mandalorian” have. Fans want stronger central storylines, and when an episode doesn’t contribute to a ...

Cedarville Seniors begin thinking about what to do with their last 100 days on campus 

by Avonlea Brown On Thursday, Cedarville University invited its seniors to celebrate their last 100 days on campus in the BTS from 5-10 p.m. When the students arrived they were greeted by streamers, balloons, and smiling faces. Tables containing all types of food and drinks lined the walls to the left of the doors. Underneath the stairs in front of the doors, was a wall of cascading images containing memories for students to relive from their past few years on campus.  The five-hour ...