ALT Night 7 results

SCAB and SGA Join Forces to Put on ALT 2 and King of the Ville This Friday Night

By Lauren McGuire This Friday, October 26th, Cedarville will put on their second Alt night of the year. Alt 2 will be different than any of the Alt nights before, because for this Alt night, SCAB is teaming up with the opening ceremonies for SGA’s new “King of the Ville” event. Both SGA, Student Government Association, and SCAB, the student center activities board, worked together to combine an old and a new event. The Alt night was planned around the movie “A Quiet Place” ...

Highlights: Alt IV

A look at the activities and highlights from ALT IV: The Greatest ALT. Photos by Jessica St. Onge

Highlights: Lil Sibs

A look at the activities of Lil Sibs Weekend, a yearly tradition at Cedarville that invites the siblings of students to come and visit for the weekend. Photos by Jessica St. Onge

ALT II: Pumpkin, Everywhere

CU hosted its second ALT Night last Friday night, October 27. It featured a variety of activities, including caricatures, laser tag, and pumpkin carving. The movie shown was the 2000 football film, "Remember The Titans", and student leaders passed out pumpkin doughnut holes from Bill's Donuts to be enjoyed during the film and festivities. Rinnova also offered a specialty drink called the "Titan". - photos by Anna Pizarro

What do students like about SLP ALT Nights? “Rogue One”

Video by Micah Gerber ALT nights at Cedarville University feature free movies,  food  and activities as organized by Student Life Programs. Students reflect on what they like about ALT Night at the "Rogue One" event Fri. March 17th.