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Veteran’s Day Chapel 2016

PHOTO GALLERY: Cedarville University hosted its annual Veteran's Day chapel to honor veterans on campus and in the community. This year, U.S. Air Force Chaplain Major General Dondi Costin delivered a message on how the best way to honor veterans is to serve God and the community wherever one is called. Hear voices of some of the 200 plus veterans who attended Cedarville University's annual Veteran's Day chapel on Nov. 11.

Sacrifice: From Service to Citizen

Keegan D’Alfonso is a 25-year-old freshman at Cedarville University. He works once a month at a nearby Speedway gas station and studies journalism full time. Though he works a low-paying job, D’Alfonso will pay nothing for his degree, nor will he pay much for healthcare and housing in the next few years. D’Alfonso served as a sergeant in the Marine Corps for five years, enlisting in 2009 right after high school. But upon his discharge from the military in July 2014, he joined the ...