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Veteran’s Day Chapel 2016

PHOTO GALLERY: Cedarville University hosted its annual Veteran's Day chapel to honor veterans on campus and in the community. This year, U.S. Air Force Chaplain Major General Dondi Costin delivered a message on how the best way to honor veterans is to serve God and the community wherever one is called. Hear voices of some of the 200 plus veterans who attended Cedarville University's annual Veteran's Day chapel on Nov. 11.

Ayo Dance Showcase: More than Ballet

Cedarville University’s dance org, Ayo, will be putting on their annual fall showcase Thursday, Nov. 18 thru Nov. 19 at 7:00 p.m. in the Cedarville Opera House. Ayo performs all different types of dance, and this year is no different. They have the more traditional pointe ballet, swing, and tap, and the hip-hop and jazz that have been popularized over the past several decades. They also have dances that people unfamiliar with the range of dance may not know as well, like contemporary, ...

Writing Center Celebrates 15 Years

Students visiting the Cedarville University Writing Center for the first time this semester may be surprised at the greeting of one of its newest members: Katniss, a 6-month-old service dog in training. Professor Julie Moore, director of the Writing Center, has volunteered to foster Katniss as part of the 4 Paws for Ability organization. But the puppy is not the only addition to the Writing Center. Newly renovated this summer, the Writing Center, located in room 104 of the Tyler Digital ...