Ayo Dance Showcase: More than Ballet

Cedarville University’s dance org, Ayo, will be putting on their annual fall showcase Thursday, Nov. 18 thru Nov. 19 at 7:00 p.m. in the Cedarville Opera House.

Ayo performs all different types of dance, and this year is no different. They have the more traditional pointe ballet, swing, and tap, and the hip-hop and jazz that have been popularized over the past several decades. They also have dances that people unfamiliar with the range of dance may not know as well, like contemporary, Broadway and Bollywood. There will also be a color guard dance, which uses flags in their choreography. In short, there will be a style for everyone.

The members’ of Ayo said they are not only excited to perform, but also to witness the work of their fellow dancers. Kaela Indyk, one of the choreographers and the treasurer of the Org, has several dances that she is eager to see.

“I’m super excited for the ones that I choreographed,” Indyk said, “I choreographed a contemporary and a pointe, just because I love to see how it comes together. But I’m also super excited for Bollywood, because I’ve never done a Bollywood dance before.”

One of the dances that Sabrina Fridley, the Org’s president and the choreographer of the Bollywood dance, is excited for is their dance from the musical Annie.

“Amy Radwanski choreographed ‘You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smile’ and I think it’s going to be super fun,” Fridley said. “And I’m excited to see that.”

Fridley said she hopes it will be a good opportunity for a lot of people to enjoy each other’s’ company, dance along and just have an overall good time, in spite of any pre-conceived notions.

“We always keep it light-hearted and fun, like there’s some serious dances, and there’s ballet in it, yes, but it’s always showcased around hip-hop and other cool dances as well,” Fridley said. “So, it’s not just like ‘Oh, I’m going to a ballet, and I’m going to sit here and watch it.’ It’s for everyone.”

People who attend the show can expect to have fun and enjoy a lot of different types of dance, Indyk said.

“I feel like everyone, when they hear ‘a dance showcase,’ they just stereotype all dances, like, they think it’s ballet, but it’s so much more than that. So, I think they’ll be surprised,” she said.

Shelby Ahlborg is a sophomore theatre major and A&E writer for Cedars. She enjoys drawing, listening to movie scores, and writing fiction stories.

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