Cedarville Seniors begin thinking about what to do with their last 100 days on campus 

by Avonlea Brown

On Thursday, Cedarville University invited its seniors to celebrate their last 100 days on campus in the BTS from 5-10 p.m. When the students arrived they were greeted by streamers, balloons, and smiling faces. Tables containing all types of food and drinks lined the walls to the left of the doors. Underneath the stairs in front of the doors, was a wall of cascading images containing memories for students to relive from their past few years on campus. 

The five-hour celebration was meant to be a relaxing distraction from the daunting future that many seniors have to face. 

“In some ways, it feels like I just got here, and in other ways, it feels like it has been a while,” Elizabeth Allen, a senior English major, said. “Right now it’s all nerves because I have no idea what I’m going to be doing or what I should be doing. There are lots of possibilities and lots of options and it’s hard to know what is going to work out or not.” 

There is a lot for graduating students to prepare before they are able to don their caps and gowns. Their fall semester begins with meetings with their academic advisor and planning the last of their classes before sending their plan for approval from the Registrar’s office. Once the green light is given, the preparation switches from school to the future. 

“The last one hundred days itself is not the nerve-wracking part, its the 100 days after graduation that I’m really nervous about,” Jonathan Snyder, senior Broadcasting, Digital Media and Journalism major said. “I have to find a place where I can hold a steady job, support myself, or even a family if that happens. There are just a lot of things that could happen that would change my life.”

Job hunting dominates the minds of many seniors, and wedding planning is a distracting factor for some. Chloe Smith, a senior Broadcasting, Digital Media, and Journalism major got engaged over winter break. 

“Once that happened, my entire life became wedding planning,” Smith said. “I don’t have time for any other thoughts.”

Despite warring priorities, students planning to march in the spring still have gown fittings and more paperwork ahead of them. But, for now, seniors can take a deep breath and focus on the last 100 days of homework and class schedules. 

Avonlea Brown is a sophomore Journalism major and Campus News Editor for Cedars. She enjoys hiking, reading, and doing chores while listening to music.

Photos taken by Julia Mumford

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