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An Entertaining Night at Cedarville’s LOL Improv Comedy Show!   

Why did the tortilla chip start dancing? Because they put on the salsa.  Last Friday night was all about jokes and laughter. Cedarville's own LOL Improv Comedy Club put on a performance, with special guests, Dr. Jones, and his wife Mrs. Jones.  Watch as they talk about the night's experience and give advice to people striving to enter the world of comedy.  Moderator: Carolina Zimbron Filmed and Edited by Josephine Schmidt-Krayer 

Cedarville senior spotlights: Fear is not my future

By Laci Strouse The 1000 days are quickly coming to an end for the class of 2023. The final moments can be exciting, yet scary at the same time. Here is what a few seniors have to say about their apprehensions for the last 100 days on campus. Ethan Doerstling is a senior Physics major. He enjoys exercising, playing the piano, and learning languages. As Doerstling’s time at Cedarville comes to an end, he is concerned with what the future holds.  “The biggest thing I am ...

What is the Israel-Palestine Conflict and How Should Christians React?

by Ashleigh Clark One of the most nuanced and controversial land disputes in the modern day is fought over a small slice of land nestled between Egypt and Syria.  The fight for the Holy Land rages between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Both states claim the right to the land via centuries of religious and generational traditions. Dr. Duerr, a Professor of International Studies at Cedarville University, explained that the region has been “relatively peaceful since the ...