Cedarville senior spotlights: Fear is not my future

By Laci Strouse

The 1000 days are quickly coming to an end for the class of 2023. The final moments can be exciting, yet scary at the same time. Here is what a few seniors have to say about their apprehensions for the last 100 days on campus.

Ethan Doerstling is a senior Physics major. He enjoys exercising, playing the piano, and learning languages. As Doerstling’s time at Cedarville comes to an end, he is concerned with what the future holds. 

“The biggest thing I am trying to do spiritually is trust in God completely for the future,” Doerstling said.

Doerstling is preparing for graduation by finalizing summer plans and praying about the next steps to come. He is also concerned about the friends he will be unable to meet up with as often after graduation. To combat these worries, Doerstling plans on building relationships that will last beyond the Cedarville season. 

“It’s strange having spent nearly four years building up friendships that will suddenly no longer be close in a few months, but it has been worth it,” Doerstling said.

Doerstling will also miss the Physics faculty and the beautiful outdoor atmosphere of Cedarville. Although he will miss Cedarville, there are great things in store for Doerstling’s future. He plans to attend a graduate school for physics which will potentially be followed by a seminary. Doerstling aspires to teach the Bible and Physics at a college level. 

Mallory Delamarter is a Senior Accounting major. She enjoys playing volleyball, being outside, exploring new coffee shops, and hanging out with friends and family. Delamarter was on the varsity volleyball team at Cedarville University for all four years. As Delamarter’s time is coming to an end, she is concerned with making the most out of the time she has left. She is also determined to finish her classes well.  

“I think it is really easy to be so excited for the next stage of life after graduation that you forget to enjoy what you have right now,” Delamarter said.

Delamarter already has a job lined up for after graduation, she plans on working at a public accounting firm in Indianapolis while studying to become a Certified Public Accountant. She also has plans to marry her high school sweetheart in June. Delamarter is beyond excited to be closer to friends and family back home and to get involved with her home church.

Daniel Burton is a Senior Geology major. He enjoys hiking, climbing, and shooting. When he isn’t doing outdoor activities, Burton enjoys blacksmithing and knife-making. As graduation comes closer, Burton has a few concerns for the future. He is concerned with graduating on time and finding a place to live after graduation. Despite these concerns, he is choosing to stay hopeful.

“The advice I would like to give would be to learn to not let your worries and anxiety control you,” Burton said. “Learn to let go when difficult times come like bad grades and broken relationships.”

After graduation, Burton hopes to pursue a job that focuses on his interests in fieldwork and hydrogeology. 

Laci Strouse is a freshman Professional Writing and Information Design major as well as a reporter for the Cedars. She enjoys reading Christian Fiction, embroidering, running, and golfing with her brothers.

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