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Crowned Chains Sets New Precedent for Student-Led Jewelry Businesses 

Take an exclusive look at Crowned Chains, the start-up business created by Cedarville Students.  Known for their unique take on chain necklaces with an innovative magnetic clasp, the jewelry has become a popular trend among the students. All profits go to Target Dayton. Go check out their website to purchase your steel chain.  Edited and Filmed by Alben Augustine 

‘The Creator’ brings a new coat of paint to an old kind of sci-fi story

By Ben Konuch “We are this close to winning the war. Execute her, or we go extinct.” When I first watched Gareth Edwards' "Rogue One" in a cinema in the Philippines in 2016, what blew me away the most was how Edwards told a story with heart and excitement that was magnified by a scale and cinematography that I hadn't seen in a sci-fi film in quite some time. I remember walking out of that cinema wishing to have that same kind of experience again someday. That's exactly what Edwards ...

Scout’s Cafe Is A Cozy Home Away From Home

By Anna Harman Scout’s Cafe is located in Springfield, Ohio just about 30 minutes away from Cedarville’s campus. While it was a bit of a far drive, I thought that it was well worth it.  At first I was skeptical of the cafe because it seemed small and there wasn’t a lot of information about it online. However, when I arrived there were cars filling the parking lot as well as the drive through. I could tell right away that this was a popular favorite for Springfield locals.&nb...