Scout’s Cafe Is A Cozy Home Away From Home

By Anna Harman

Scout’s Cafe is located in Springfield, Ohio just about 30 minutes away from Cedarville’s campus. While it was a bit of a far drive, I thought that it was well worth it. 

At first I was skeptical of the cafe because it seemed small and there wasn’t a lot of information about it online. However, when I arrived there were cars filling the parking lot as well as the drive through. I could tell right away that this was a popular favorite for Springfield locals. 

Inside, it had a very cozy, homey feel to it. Scouts is small, with only a few tables, but it has enough room for people to sit down. It also has a couch and a few cushioned chairs, which adds to the coziness of the store. The Halloween classic ‘Hocus Pocus’ was playing on the TV, which really sold the homey vibe for me. Being able to sit and watch a nostalgic movie and drink my coffee on a chilly day was relaxing. 

 ‘Hocus Pocus’ was playing inside the cafe. 

One of my favorite parts of Scout’s Cafe was the prices. Lattes were as cheap as $3.50 which isn’t common at coffee shops. I got a hot, breve “Sweater Weather” latte, which is made with hazelnut, marshmallow, and maple. I only paid $5.50 and it was a delicious latte. One of my friends got an iced maple chai latte and thought it was really good. Another one of my friends got a pumpkin pie frappuccino and liked it a lot too. The only complaint I heard was that their whipped cream was a little too thick. Overall, the drinks were very good, especially for the low prices.   

The baristas were kind and helpful, everyone seemed to be very calm and relaxed. It was a very relaxing environment overall. I would one-hundred percent recommend this place if you need somewhere to study or just relax and enjoy the company of your friends! I personally can’t wait to go back during Christmas time and see if they’re playing a Christmas movie. I’m ready for a white peppermint mocha and a movie!

Anna Harman is a senior Christian Education major and also a reporter for Cedars. She appreciates writing, chai lattes, flowers, and going to concerts.

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