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Do Cedarville Students know their Geography? 

America might be a big country, but how much knowledge of other countries do University students have? Follow along as Carolina asks several students trivia questions. Some are able to answer immediately, but for others geography might still be a bit of a challenge.  Moderator: Carolina Zimborn  Filmed by Josephine Schmidt-Krayer  Editor: Ian Chan 

The MISO Gala is a yearly highlight for Cedarville Students 

On Saturday evening the BTS was filled with people from every country imaginable, dancing as if their lives depended on it. Every year the Multicultural International Student Organization at Cedarville University holds a Gala. Great music, amazing people, and food from all over the world makes for an unforgettable evening.   Filmed, Edited, and Moderated by Alben Augustine 

K9s at the Ville Presents: Valentine’s Puppy Party 

Filmed and Edited by Julia Mumford  Interviewer: Josephine Schmidt-Krayer  K9s at the Ville is a student-led organization here at Cedarville University. They raise awareness for 4 Paws for Ability's service dogs training. Throughout the year they hold several fundraisers, which are very popular among the students. For who doesn't love cute puppies and valentines? 

An Entertaining Night at Cedarville’s LOL Improv Comedy Show!   

Why did the tortilla chip start dancing? Because they put on the salsa.  Last Friday night was all about jokes and laughter. Cedarville's own LOL Improv Comedy Club put on a performance, with special guests, Dr. Jones, and his wife Mrs. Jones.  Watch as they talk about the night's experience and give advice to people striving to enter the world of comedy.  Moderator: Carolina Zimbron Filmed and Edited by Josephine Schmidt-Krayer 

What are Cedarville Students listening to?

Music surrounds us each day of our life. Background music in a cafe, singing worship songs in chapel, at a birthday party, or watching a movie. However, the majority of our music comes from listening to it with headphones on while working, walking around campus, and other everyday activities. What exactly is everyone hearing? Follow along as Carolina discovers what Cedarville Students like to listen to.  Moderator: Carolina Zibron  Filmed and Edited by: Josephine ...

Video: The Sound of Community

by Josie Schmidt-Krayer and Elizabeth Kollmar Music enthusiast Mike Ryan has always enjoyed playing and singing songs of praise. Despite being born blind, he began playing piano at three years old. Later on he started on the organ. He was raised a catholic and decided to work as an organist for the Catholic Church. Now, Mike lives at the Ohio Masonic Home in Springfield, Ohio, where he leads their choir. He greatly enjoys the community that he has found there, and hopes to continue pursuing ...

TNL Lipsync Battle

Thursday Night Live at Cedarville University! This week Resound Radio hosted a lip sync battle in Stingers. Brave contestants took to the stage to give the performance of a live time! Watch as they sing their heart out to become the winner of the night!  Photo Credit:  Josephine Schmidt-Krayer 

Alt 3

ALT nights are a fan-favorite here at Cedarville. SGA offers a diverse range of activities, which often include food trucks, games, and a movie. This past ALT night there was a silent disco! Everyone gathered in the BTS and had a blast listening to their favorite music and dancing with their friends. Filmed and edited by Alben Augustine

Student Spotlight: Sam Acosta

Videography by Jacob Bundy  Edited by Josephine Schmidt-Krayer  Today we talked to Sam Acosta, a talented Senior Theatre Major at Cedarville University. Listen as he tells you about his past experiences, passions, and hopes for the future. 

The Impact of Cedarville University’s Chapel on its Students

Filmed and Edited by Ian Chan 10 AM every weekday morning you will find a large crowd of students walking towards the Dixon Ministry Center on Cedarville University's campus to attend the chapel service. It is often described as the heart beat of campus.  Watch students talk about their experience with the daily service and how it has enriched their lives.